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10 December 2009
The Oldham Chronicle asks about Lily Lilley
Following on from yesterday's posting about my aunt, Lily Lilley, the Oldham Chronicle has been in touch and wants to run a story about the change of identity that the murderess Lisa Healey is set to receive courtesy of the social work industry and your taxes. The paper seems to want me to launch an attack on Healey, using this change of name wheeze as the story's hook, but I am not interested in that idea. If the paper wants my opinion of Healey then they can have it, but the name business does not appear to be her doing: we can lay that nonsense at the door of the social work maggots whose useless activities swallow up such a large part of any council's budget.

That said I have answered all the journalist's questions and look forward to reading the finished story if and when it sees the light of day.

I am tired, weary and depressed if you want to know the truth. Martin Meenagh, David Lindsay and Neil Clark have all blogged about this case and I thank them for being my friends and sharing some of my pain and anger.

I need a rest.

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I just read about your aunt on Martin's blog. I am so sorry.

12 December 2009 at 20:55  

Thank you for your kindness and welcome to The Exile.

13 December 2009 at 02:06  

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