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16 December 2009
Filming the filth 4
Back in September we ran a short series which looked at how the police are harassing photographers and the way in which the cameramen are getting their own back by making the old bill look ridiculous. On the 4th of this month a circular was sent out to all police forces that basically told them to stop playing silly buggers and leave innocent people alone.

The Guardian sent out one of its hacks to see what would happen when he took some video shots of the famous London landmark known as the gherkin - click this link for the report and video. As you might expect in today's Britain, the results were everything that the newsroom hoped for with various plods all trying to invent reasons that would allow them to view the footage -that was when they were not trying to cover the camera with their hands. So much for leaving people alone.

To be fair to the filth they seem to have been brought in by two foreign-looking blokes who are employed as security men. Watching the video your friendly old Exile was struck by the notion that if he, a foreigner in Mexico, were to behave as those two chancers did then all hell would have broken loose on the street. Sooner or later the British National Party are going to wake up to the agitprop value that those tossers provide and they will send a camera crew of their own to provoke a reaction. In the meantime all remained sweetness and light as the Guardian man kept his cool and just let everyone else get hot under the collar.

The aim, of course, is not to stop the Guardian from making a video. The aim is to intimidate you, the ordinary member of the public from grabbing a shot of something on the street that the state's bootboys want to keep under wraps.

That is what the fuckers are doing and that is why it is vitally important that we film the filth as a matter of course.



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