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02 December 2009
The deceits of Yoani Sanchez
Yoani Sanchez claims to be a Philologist who lived in Switzerland for almost a year before returning to Cuba for family reasons. The bit about Switzerland seems to be true but the rest is pure fiction, at least according to Professor Salim Lamrani of the Sorbonne University in Paris who has investigated her claims and found them wanting.

Lamrani claims that she was able to enter Switzerland in August 2002 courtesy of a marriage to a German man who is only referred to as Karl G. This strikes the reader as a bit unlikely since surely she would have resided in Germany had she married a German? More likely the man was a Swiss-German, but whatever his nationality actually was the marriage was clearly bigamous because Sanchez was already married to Reinaldo Escobar in 2002.

Within a year she had returned to Cuba and the Cuban Embassy in Paris - where for some reason she turned up unannounced one day - still remembers the tearful young woman who begged for their help in getting home and regularising her status as a Cuban resident in Cuba once more.

What went wrong was that Sanchez misunderstood the nature of western society and thought that she was heading for the land of milk and honey, and she did not realise how difficult life can be for someone who cannot land the cushy job with the fat salary. In Cuba she had never really experienced the hard life since she along with everyone else received her ration book and its allowances of subsidised food every month. In Switzerland everything is available, but at a price, and that price was way beyond Sanchez's means to afford.

Why did she not try to find work as a Philologist, which is just an old fashioned way of saying a Linguist? Probably because she isn't - that is another one of her fantasies. When she registered with the Cuban Consulate in Berne, Switzerland, she put her educational status down as "pre-university," so academic work was out of the question as she does not have a degree. The best that she could hope for was to join the army of third worlders who clean the toilets and wash the floors of the first world's offices. Rather than do that she returned to Cuba with her tail between her legs.

However, rather than admit that Cuba provides her with a better standard of living than Switzerland ever did, she now spends her days biting the hand that has fed her so well. Not only that but she seems to do it courtesy of thousands of dollars that makes its way via various means into her Spanish bank account.

The more we at The Exile dig into the history of Yoani María Sánchez Cordero the more unpleasant that history becomes. How anyone can see her as being anything other than a cheap little tart on the make is beyond this blog's understanding.

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A lot of work seems to have gone into these postings but I have to ask the question that I asked you when you first wrote about her a few weeks back, who cares?

It doesn't matter if she works for the Americans or doesn't work for them. She is a just a white wog from some shithole that people like me go to in January for some sun, rum and sex.

That is all these places are for.

3 December 2009 at 22:40  

I rather suspect that you may have a point which depresses the shit out of me. Does blogging serve any purpose at all? That is a question that I keep asking myself.

4 December 2009 at 18:03  

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