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01 December 2009
Cuba replies to Yoani Sanchez

Following on from yesterday's posting, Cuba has started using humour to deal with Yoani Sanchez. Just click the image to open the animation page and then hit the "clic aqui" button to start it running. Remember that the silly cow supposedly had to use a wig to get into a conference, and what the animation says is that she is a ciberpayasa - a cyberclown - who has shit for brains.

Meanwhile, Cuba's bloggers are getting in one the act - as we pointed out yesterday, many on the island are now heartily sick of old scrawny tits and her antics. M.H. Lagarde blogs at Cambios en Cuba and he reports that he was standing outside the Polish embassy back in September when he saw Yoani leave the building. The photos are at his blog and he has also uploaded them to YouTube:

For some reason the scrawny one didn't want to be photographed and Cambios en Cuba is curious to know why? The blog also asks what the hell she was doing leaving the embassy at 7.00pm, long after normal business hours have ended? According to this report, Yoani didn't leave by the main exit, but slunk out through the garage, hastily putting on a pair of sunglasses as she did so.

So what was she doing there and why all the secrecy? Did she receive a nice fat envelope full of crisp euro notes? Or maybe she just went to get her latest instructions, or to denounce someone for being a leftist? We shall probably never know. . .

However, it is good to see that Cubans are beginning to take notice and fight back against capitalism's rancid little scab.

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