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14 December 2009
Cuba learns how to use the new media

Cuba seems to be finally getting its new media act together, at least as far as YouTube is concerned. The above news report was shot on the 10th of this month and uploaded to what looks like Cuba's very own YouTube channel the next day. It concerns a large counter demonstration to the small march carried out by the Women in White, the wives of some prisoners. The report links those women to various unsavoury types in Miami, and ends by showing the involvement of American and German diplomats in the demonstration. It has to be admitted that the German especially does not look a very happpy bunny when the camera is turned in his direction.

We can criticise Cuba's efforts, of course. The videos are all in Spanish and would benefit from English subtitles. They seem to have been taken straight from the television and really should be edited down for the MTV generation, most of whom seem to have the attention span of a lobotomised hamster.

That aside when you consider that in Britain what passes for the left is still in "sell the paper - build the party" mode, what the Cubans are doing is, well, pretty revolutionary. A few months ago your friendly old Exile asked to swap links with a leftist party's website and was told that the matter would be considered at the next Central Committee meeting which wasn't due to take place for a further three months! That is just how far behind we are, and how far ahead of us the Cubans are in this game of electronic agitprop.

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