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31 December 2009
Femen: Ukraine's feminist movement

The Team Exile gang are seriously impressed with Femen, the Ukrainian feminist organisation which aims to "build up a national image of feminity, maternity and beauty based on the Euro-Atlantic Women’s Movement's experience," whatever the hell that means. Not that many of the Exile's regulars will care, however the talent on display is fit, firm and fuckable, a fact which more than justifies uploading the clip.

Is there anyone around here who can translate what the woman in the video is saying? Hello, yes, there is a woman speaking: you just have to take your minds off the luscious tottie that is draping itself over all and sundry and listen to her voice.

Update, 4 January 2010:

A Ukrainian speaker reports that the demonstration is against university lecturers who swap good marks for good sex with their students.


30 December 2009
Going for a ride
With thanks to a South African reader, here's a very comfortable cow. I doesn't look like the first time that she has been taken for a ride. . .


29 December 2009
Copping a feel
We at Team Exile admire men like this.


28 December 2009
Here comes Hollywood's Nailin' Palin

Get ready for Hollywood's Nailin' Palin, the latest Sarah Palin all-sucking, all-fucking epic starring the luscious Lisa Ann as America's favourite MILF. “We’re not just ‘going rogue,’ said Drew Rosenfeld, Creative Director of Hustler Video, in an interview with The Exile: “We’re going raunchy!” Knowing Lisa Ann as we do, you just know that Drew is telling the truth as this video looks set to be the best of the series so far.

What is laughingly called the plot involves Sarah migrating south for warmer weather and a change of scenery. She hits Hollywood and tries her hand at a big-budget movie, a riveting television drama, hosting her very own talk show and even co-hosting a search for America ’s Next Top Governor. All that whilst flat on her back and getting fucked rigid: what more could anyone with an interest in America's politics want?

Cocks to the ready as Hollywood's Nailin' Palin hits the streets on the 5th January 2010!


26 December 2009
Weekending: Bored at work 4

Yeah it's probably a fake, but it is a seriously funny video for all that.


25 December 2009
Merry Christmas

I had never heard of Lisa Bryce until I came across this video of her singing Silent Night, and I am in awe at the power of her voice.

A Merry Christmas to all my readers.
24 December 2009
Scientology's Tommy Davis loses the plot

Most religions could put up a spokesman who would be able to defend his faith from pretty much any attack that a journalist could mount, but not Scientology. They have a bloke named Tommy Davis who prefers to walk off the set rather than answer a pretty basic question about Xenu, the space being who is at the root of this strange cult.

The wonderful thing about the internet is that these video clips which tell us so much about Scientology are now in the public domain so that more and more people can chuckle at types like Tommy.


23 December 2009
The middle class recession continues to bite
It's nice to get things right, it really is. In November of last year we argued that the recession was a middle class problem and was nothing to do with us. Various newspapers tried to present the closure of the likes of Woolworth's as proof that we were all in it together, but nobody believed them for the simple reason that it wasn't true.

The latest figures show how right we were to sit back and chortle as the middle class started to vanish up its own arsehole. Now it's architects, surveyors, vets and solicitors who are are having to pop along to the local joke shop to get their £64.30 a week in unemployment pay. Back in April of this year almost 400,000 of these characters were signing on and that figure has risen since then.

This is just too good for words. Remember if you are tempted to feel sorry for these clowns that they and their class voted to put us out of work a generation ago. So to any of their number who have chanced on this blog and who are facing the dole right now the message is:

Tough shit.


Why is the working class ignored?

Is the working class ignored in Britain? That seems to be the conclusion reached by this Newsweek report, and it certainly seems to be the case that working class concerns over such issues as immigration, crime and employment are not being addressed by any of the major parties. If this is the case then whose fault is it that we are such a marginalised group?

During the 1980s many working class districts were a sea of red at election time and getting people to turn out and vote against the Tories was fairly straightforward. However getting them to actually join the Labour Party was next to impossible. It is true that the party had an influx of new members, but most of them were teachers, social workers and the like. If memory serves me right, in my ward only two of us came from the council estate that made up well over half of the district, and I was the only one who was unemployed. In other words the Labour Party had already been taken over by people who were doing very nicely, thank you, out of the Thatcher period and whose commitment to the party's redistributionist policies was little more than skin deep. Tony Blair when he was elected to the leadership did not have to fight very hard to change the party: the membership was on his side.

The fault for all this lies with us. It was not enough to vote Labour and spend the rest of the year watching soap operas or talking about football. The middle class took over our party because they organised themselves to do it and we let them get away with it. Now we must organise to either take it back or create a party of our own which represents our values.

How could we have been so stupid as to allow things to reach this stage?


22 December 2009
Goodbye to Cuba's urban agriculture
Cuba seems to be scaling back on the number of urban market gardens that the country has, much to the annoyance of reporters like this Guardian hackette who like to romanticise such things. They may be "a model of sustainable living," something that the western middle class is always going on about, but for the people who have to work them, they are a backbreaking way to put food on the table. Now that Cuba is receiving help from Venezuela and tourist revenues are increasing, the days when people had to slog long hours in the sun to feed themselves are coming to an end.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with keeping an allotment or growing some vegetables in a back garden. You can even grow potatoes in old buckets as my mother did during the Second World War if it comes to that. However there is a world of difference between recreational gardening, something which usually involves a trip to the local garden centre to pick up chemical fertiliser and pesticides, and the muscle aching chore of keeping an organic vegetable plot going because if you don't then you go hungry.

Is it any wonder than the Cubans are abandoning their market gardens? It makes much more sense to learn a foreign language and then spend a day taking a tourist around old Havana. Once you have done that then you can go and buy your food in a supermarket like the rest of us do.

The only people who will complain are the western middle class, men such as this BBC reporter, who like to romanticise the poverty that forced the creation of the garden system in the first place.

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21 December 2009
Cuba set to abolish the social wage

The people of Cuba enjoy a social wage that seems set to disappear if Raul Castro has his way. Workers at enterprises across the country enjoy a free lunch and the ration card ensures that people can buy the basics at heavily subsidised prices. Now the government is phasing out the lunches and giving the workers a 15 peso stipend to make up for the loss of the meal. The point is that the money is enough to buy a slice of pizza or a plate of beans and rice, but a snack like that will not fill the stomach in the way that the old work supplied meal did.

To make matters even worse the ration card that literally keeps many Cubans alive also looks set to vanish. Until the collapse of the USSR most Cubans didn't use the ration card for very much since the shops always had enough produce and at prices that the working man could afford. With the betrayal of Cuba that came about in 1989 and the tightening of the American blockade the ration book became a lifesaver for many. If it is abolished then food prices will probably rise to market levels, and when that happens the population will start to go hungry.

The government really need to rethink these policies as when people are hungry they are at their most dangerous. The future of the Cuban system is quite literally at stake.


19 December 2009
Weekending: Bored at work 3

Sometimes you can go a little too far when it comes to having a laugh on the firm's time.


18 December 2009
Windy day upskirt photo & video treat

Christmas is coming and that means one thing and one thing alone: the hits are down as people prepare for the festive season. When the going gets tough the tough get sleazy, so here's not one but two windy day upskirts for your viewing delight.

The photograph was taken at a Formula One meeting somewhere or other. Come on - you don't give a shit where that somewhere was, do you? Just click on the photo to see the girl in all her splendour.

As for the clip, it's a genuine anonymous windy day upskirt video, and one that will appeal to all aficionados of the genre.


17 December 2009
Cuba arrests U.S. agent
Cuba has arrested an American government contract agent who had entered the country as a tourist and was then found to be distributing mobile 'phones and laptop computers to dissidents on the island. The chancer works for an outfit called Development Alternatives Inc., which received over $391,000 in government funding last year.

Given that Cubans can buy computers and telephones, it is unclear why the Americans decided to sneak someone into the country to hand them out in such a cack-handed way. Certainly it did not take the Cubans all that long to figure out what the still unnamed man was up to and then arrest him, presumably for breaching the terms of his entry visa.

What this incident makes clear is that the warmer relations with Cuba that Barack Obama promised soon after taking office are not going to happen. Furthermore, the affair provides Cuba with a reason to crack down on the country's growing blogging community, so it is really difficult to fathom just what was going through the minds of the people who ordered this idiotic operation in the first place.


16 December 2009
Filming the filth 4
Back in September we ran a short series which looked at how the police are harassing photographers and the way in which the cameramen are getting their own back by making the old bill look ridiculous. On the 4th of this month a circular was sent out to all police forces that basically told them to stop playing silly buggers and leave innocent people alone.

The Guardian sent out one of its hacks to see what would happen when he took some video shots of the famous London landmark known as the gherkin - click this link for the report and video. As you might expect in today's Britain, the results were everything that the newsroom hoped for with various plods all trying to invent reasons that would allow them to view the footage -that was when they were not trying to cover the camera with their hands. So much for leaving people alone.

To be fair to the filth they seem to have been brought in by two foreign-looking blokes who are employed as security men. Watching the video your friendly old Exile was struck by the notion that if he, a foreigner in Mexico, were to behave as those two chancers did then all hell would have broken loose on the street. Sooner or later the British National Party are going to wake up to the agitprop value that those tossers provide and they will send a camera crew of their own to provoke a reaction. In the meantime all remained sweetness and light as the Guardian man kept his cool and just let everyone else get hot under the collar.

The aim, of course, is not to stop the Guardian from making a video. The aim is to intimidate you, the ordinary member of the public from grabbing a shot of something on the street that the state's bootboys want to keep under wraps.

That is what the fuckers are doing and that is why it is vitally important that we film the filth as a matter of course.


15 December 2009
Tiger Woods: how a sex scandal unfolds
A sex scandal is usually like a (soap) opera in four acts, so let's follow a performance through, using the Tiger Woods business as an example.

Act one is something that tips the press off that the shit may be about to hit the fan. In Woods' case this was when he crashed his car under suspicious circumstances. The story that was put out that his wife smashed the car's window with a golf club to free him from the wreckage was just too pat for words. The press began to move in like hungry wolves around a lone lost lamb...

Act two involves the hacks flying a kite to see if the wind catches it and it flies. They will have heard rumours about their putative victim, and the name of a lover will have been discussed in the newsrooms. Rachel Uchitel was the name mentioned most often in the same breath as Tiger Woods, so the press began to speculate that she was the one who handled his number nine iron as it were.The hope is that something will happen, usually that more women will come forward or that the couple at the centre of the storm will make a mistake.

More women have certainly come forward - at least eight at the last count - which has seriously impressed your friendly old Exile. Not only that but Tiger has made at least one mistake by calling Jaimee Grubbs, a 24 year old (ahem) cocktail waitress and leaving a message on her mobile 'phone. He asked her to delete her name from her answer phone message as his wife had been rifling through his contacts. Needless to say this message was leaked and is now forming a part of act four.

Act four is when everyone piles in and the story just acquires a life of its own and then runs and runs. Take the leaked message as a case in point. That has already been remixed and uploaded to YouTube where it received over a million hits in its first week:

It is still too early to tell how act four will finally unfold, but on the basis of this video and the quantity of fit young females who have already arrived, this one could run for weeks.

Then finally it will all be over until the next scandal breaks and the whole performance will run all over again. The names will change but the story will remain the same.


14 December 2009
Cuba learns how to use the new media

Cuba seems to be finally getting its new media act together, at least as far as YouTube is concerned. The above news report was shot on the 10th of this month and uploaded to what looks like Cuba's very own YouTube channel the next day. It concerns a large counter demonstration to the small march carried out by the Women in White, the wives of some prisoners. The report links those women to various unsavoury types in Miami, and ends by showing the involvement of American and German diplomats in the demonstration. It has to be admitted that the German especially does not look a very happpy bunny when the camera is turned in his direction.

We can criticise Cuba's efforts, of course. The videos are all in Spanish and would benefit from English subtitles. They seem to have been taken straight from the television and really should be edited down for the MTV generation, most of whom seem to have the attention span of a lobotomised hamster.

That aside when you consider that in Britain what passes for the left is still in "sell the paper - build the party" mode, what the Cubans are doing is, well, pretty revolutionary. A few months ago your friendly old Exile asked to swap links with a leftist party's website and was told that the matter would be considered at the next Central Committee meeting which wasn't due to take place for a further three months! That is just how far behind we are, and how far ahead of us the Cubans are in this game of electronic agitprop.

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11 December 2009
Weekending: Bored at work 2

Work can be fun at times.


10 December 2009
The Oldham Chronicle asks about Lily Lilley
Following on from yesterday's posting about my aunt, Lily Lilley, the Oldham Chronicle has been in touch and wants to run a story about the change of identity that the murderess Lisa Healey is set to receive courtesy of the social work industry and your taxes. The paper seems to want me to launch an attack on Healey, using this change of name wheeze as the story's hook, but I am not interested in that idea. If the paper wants my opinion of Healey then they can have it, but the name business does not appear to be her doing: we can lay that nonsense at the door of the social work maggots whose useless activities swallow up such a large part of any council's budget.

That said I have answered all the journalist's questions and look forward to reading the finished story if and when it sees the light of day.

I am tired, weary and depressed if you want to know the truth. Martin Meenagh, David Lindsay and Neil Clark have all blogged about this case and I thank them for being my friends and sharing some of my pain and anger.

I need a rest.

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09 December 2009
Lisa Healey, killer of Lily Lilley, to get new identity
In January of last year I blogged about the two murders that my family has suffered. One of the victims was my aunt, Lily Lilley, and it seems that Lisa Healey, one of the murderesses who is pictured left, is to be released from prison this month. Not only that, but the social work vermin want to give her a new identity to protect her and her baby. Yes, that's right, someone let the little cunt out of jail for some reason or other and she got herself knocked up.

This blog has posted quite a bit on those loathsome creatures of the night that are known as the social work industry, but this latest act of banal evilness just takes the breath away. The fact that a killer managed to get fucked and then shit some little bastard out from between her thighs nine months later is neither here nor there. Why should the people of Britain have to pay for a change of identity for this psychotic thug? If anyone doubts that Lisa Healey is a psychopath then let them read this account of her crime against my Auntie Lily if they can stomach it.

To make matters even more risible, if that were possible, the social work industry is aware that Lisa Healey plans to live with her parents following her release and those parents have no plans to change their names. Not only that but they live quite openly in Manchester and everyone knows who they are -and who their loathsome daughter is. Yet still the social workers want to spend a fortune to give the killer a new identity, even though it will serve no purpose whatsoever.

So what are these semi-educated lumps of lower middle class shit up to? I have absolutely no idea, but if you live in Britain one thing is certain: your taxes are going to pay for this latest bout of social work stupidity.


08 December 2009
Evo Morales romps to victory in Bolivian elections
The final results won't be available for a few more days, but it is certain the Evo Morales has been returned to the Bolivian presidency with over 61 percent of the votes cast. Manfred Reyes Villa, his nearest rival, scored a derisory 23 percent, and just to underscore the totality of the victory it looks as if Morales' Movement to Socialism party will hold at least 24 out of 36 seats in the Senate as well as a commanding majority in the Chamber of Deputies.

To make matters even sweeter the governing party increased its share of the vote in the truculent province of Santa Cruz from 33 percent in 2005 to 40 percent now. As this documentary shows, Bolivia is divided between its American-Indian majority who live in the western part of the country and some wealthy creole types who are based in Santa Cruz. The province has been threatening secession for some time, but with at least 40 percent of its people voting for the government those threats sound increasingly hollow.

With this incredible victory the forward march of the left in Latin America continues apace. Morales now has the majority needed to deepen the changers that his rule has brought to the country, changes that are already causing the old elite to get those bowel loosening moments that are such a pleasure for any socialist to watch.


07 December 2009
Saga, the rightwinger who turns on the left
Have you ever heard of Saga, the singing Swede? The turnips over at Harry's Place have been giving her a lot of publicity recently, which is a bit rum when you consider that Saga is so far to the right that she ends up bumping into us leftists coming the other way.

As you can see she's got a fine pair of bouncers which might help to explain all that free publicity as she could be giving the HP Saucers a blue veiner each. That being so, we at Team Exile join with HP in wishing that we could take a knocker in each hand, stick our head in between those luscious mounds and then go brrrrr. And at least it's nice to know that the rumours that they are all poofs at HP are untrue. . .

What can we say? The singing voice is good and the body is a shagger's delight. Resistance never looked this good, is the slogan at Saga's website, and so say all of us, choruses Team Exile and Harry's Place.

Update: an anonymous commentator wishes to see more of little miss luscious, so here she is:

Say what you like about Harry's Place - they have good taste in tottie.

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04 December 2009
Weekending: Bored at work 1

The hilarious thing about this video is the way in which the office drones just sit at their desks as lunacy unleashes itself around them.


03 December 2009
Save the gene pool
A little bit unfair, says your friendly old Exile. Just because a slack-jawed retard called Quintin or something equally daft, gets married to a disease ridden hag named Natasha or Branka is hardly proof positive that their offspring will be as mongish as the parents.

On second thoughts, yeah, use spunk bags. Better to be safe than sorry.


Switzerland bans minarets
On Sunday the good people of Switzerland voted in a referendum to ban the addition of any more minarets to the four that already adorn some of the country's mosques. The attitude of your friendly old Exile is that so long as the Swiss army isn't rampaging towards the channel ports then what the Swiss do in their own country is a matter for them.

Alas the European Union's federasts do not agree and want the decision reversed. The French Foreign Minister, Bernard Kouchner, is leading the charge against Switzerland's right to govern herself and saying that he wants the referendum reversed, "quickly". Presumably in the finest traditions of the EU the plan would be to keep the Swiss voting until the result is to the federasts' liking, but alas for their hopes Switzerland is not an EU member.

So the result will probably stand, the federasts will feel like shit, and free peoples across Europe have been given a boost with the knowledge the they can give the two-fingered salute to the elites and win.


02 December 2009
The deceits of Yoani Sanchez
Yoani Sanchez claims to be a Philologist who lived in Switzerland for almost a year before returning to Cuba for family reasons. The bit about Switzerland seems to be true but the rest is pure fiction, at least according to Professor Salim Lamrani of the Sorbonne University in Paris who has investigated her claims and found them wanting.

Lamrani claims that she was able to enter Switzerland in August 2002 courtesy of a marriage to a German man who is only referred to as Karl G. This strikes the reader as a bit unlikely since surely she would have resided in Germany had she married a German? More likely the man was a Swiss-German, but whatever his nationality actually was the marriage was clearly bigamous because Sanchez was already married to Reinaldo Escobar in 2002.

Within a year she had returned to Cuba and the Cuban Embassy in Paris - where for some reason she turned up unannounced one day - still remembers the tearful young woman who begged for their help in getting home and regularising her status as a Cuban resident in Cuba once more.

What went wrong was that Sanchez misunderstood the nature of western society and thought that she was heading for the land of milk and honey, and she did not realise how difficult life can be for someone who cannot land the cushy job with the fat salary. In Cuba she had never really experienced the hard life since she along with everyone else received her ration book and its allowances of subsidised food every month. In Switzerland everything is available, but at a price, and that price was way beyond Sanchez's means to afford.

Why did she not try to find work as a Philologist, which is just an old fashioned way of saying a Linguist? Probably because she isn't - that is another one of her fantasies. When she registered with the Cuban Consulate in Berne, Switzerland, she put her educational status down as "pre-university," so academic work was out of the question as she does not have a degree. The best that she could hope for was to join the army of third worlders who clean the toilets and wash the floors of the first world's offices. Rather than do that she returned to Cuba with her tail between her legs.

However, rather than admit that Cuba provides her with a better standard of living than Switzerland ever did, she now spends her days biting the hand that has fed her so well. Not only that but she seems to do it courtesy of thousands of dollars that makes its way via various means into her Spanish bank account.

The more we at The Exile dig into the history of Yoani María Sánchez Cordero the more unpleasant that history becomes. How anyone can see her as being anything other than a cheap little tart on the make is beyond this blog's understanding.

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01 December 2009
Cuba replies to Yoani Sanchez

Following on from yesterday's posting, Cuba has started using humour to deal with Yoani Sanchez. Just click the image to open the animation page and then hit the "clic aqui" button to start it running. Remember that the silly cow supposedly had to use a wig to get into a conference, and what the animation says is that she is a ciberpayasa - a cyberclown - who has shit for brains.

Meanwhile, Cuba's bloggers are getting in one the act - as we pointed out yesterday, many on the island are now heartily sick of old scrawny tits and her antics. M.H. Lagarde blogs at Cambios en Cuba and he reports that he was standing outside the Polish embassy back in September when he saw Yoani leave the building. The photos are at his blog and he has also uploaded them to YouTube:

For some reason the scrawny one didn't want to be photographed and Cambios en Cuba is curious to know why? The blog also asks what the hell she was doing leaving the embassy at 7.00pm, long after normal business hours have ended? According to this report, Yoani didn't leave by the main exit, but slunk out through the garage, hastily putting on a pair of sunglasses as she did so.

So what was she doing there and why all the secrecy? Did she receive a nice fat envelope full of crisp euro notes? Or maybe she just went to get her latest instructions, or to denounce someone for being a leftist? We shall probably never know. . .

However, it is good to see that Cubans are beginning to take notice and fight back against capitalism's rancid little scab.

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