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17 November 2009
Nu-Labour tries to con voters with old bollocks

The New Statesman reports that Nu-Labour will run this video as an election broadcast next year. Thus the party appears to have implicitly conceded the general election, and will fight to retain some of its core working class vote.

Let's just consider three things from this short film. First it uses the old Kinnockite red rose party symbol at the end, instead of whatever corporate logo the party uses at the moment. However, this ignores the fact that the red rose was chosen as a replacement for the original Labour symbol of a crossed shovel and pen, which denoted the unity of white and blue collar workers. Now most viewers probably won't remember that, but may remember that under Neil Kinnock the party at least pretended to represent the working man, so some good may come out of it for the party.

Secondly, the only non-white faces on show belong to either Africans or Barak Obama. Nu-Labour obviously want us to forget the fact that the doors were opened to any Johnny Foreigner who bounded along and that most new jobs created under their watch went to those outsiders. The Exile is dubious about whether people will fall for this line, but it is good to see Nu-Labour now realises that immigration is a problem and not a boon.

Finally, the party obviously wants us to believe that there is a continuum between the party of Keir Hardy and that of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. The problem is that there isn't - and Nu-Labour has only just started to even pretend that there is. Until the working class stopped voting altogether, the party was quite happy to present itself as the voice of the aspirational scrote in his shell suit, driving his Ford Mondeo. The question is will the average punter living in a council house in Rochdale feel all warm inside when he sees the video - so warm that he forgets the reality of Nu-Labour's 12 rancid years? The party is obviously betting that he will, but this writer is dubious.

Nothing in this video suggests that Nu-Labour is prepared to bite the bullet and start thinking up policies that will please the drink beer, shag women, hate the boss working man. As with everything to do with Nu-Labour, this is all fur coat and no knickers. For that reason the party still faces extinction at the next election.

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I know you are ALEX CASE
cease your slander against me NOW
or do you think things will GO YOUR WAY?

17 November 2009 at 13:36  

I have no idea what you are talking about, but welcome to the fun house.

17 November 2009 at 15:48  

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