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16 November 2009
Meet Dr. Brooke Magnanti, the real Belle de Jour
One of the century's best kept literary secrets was solved over the weekend when 34 year old research scientist Dr. Brooke Magnanti revealed that she is the authoress of the Belle de Jour blog which detailed her life as a £300 a poke prostitute. She decided to out herself because a former boyfriend was about to spill the beans.

Brooke went on the knock to support herself while she was researching her Sheffield University PhD thesis and she shot to prominence in 2003 when the Guardian awarded her blog an award. The blog led to a book, which led to a television series, which led to pots of even easier money for Brooke than she had earned polishing an average of three knobs a week.

Now that the secret is out, your friendly old Exile has to admit to a small twinge of disappointment that Belle is not quite the glamour puss that his febrile mind had imagined. Still and for all that, let's give three cheers to the good Dr. Brooke Magnanti: for never in the field of pervy lechery have so many throbbing blue veiners been provided to so many one-handed readers by just one woman!

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