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24 November 2009
Jean Charles de Menezes: what the left should do
The family of the Metropolitan Police's victim Jean Charles de Menezes have accepted just £100,000 in compensation for their dead son. Lawyers for the Brazilian family as well as those acting for the killers refused to comment on claims that the amount to be paid is less than it would otherwise have been because the family is poor. In other words the claim is probably true. . .

The left cannot bring Jean Charles back to life, but we can act to make life a living hell for his two killers. Their names have never been published by the press, but it is inconceivable that their personal details are unknown outside police circles.

Leftists need to get as much information as possible to the blogs that are based outside the UK. Who are those two fuckers? What are their addresses and home telephone numbers? Do their children, if any, know what their fathers do for a living?

Instead of arguing about the minutia of political theology, we need to work together as socialists to undermine the state's legitimacy. Let us worry about how we shall build the great socialist tomorrow once we are standing in the rubble of the capitalist present.

There are worse ways of starting that process off than by giving grief to psychotic members of the state's death squads.



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