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13 November 2009
Goodbye to SA Sucks
The blogger known as Uhuru Guru has decided to close down his blog, SA Sucks, with immediate effect. The man behind the monicker is a far-right white South African who has managed to wind up his country's rulers to such an extent that they have started arresting him on trumped up charges and threatening his wife and daughters. It is the threat to them, more than anything else, that has led him to conclude that his blog has to close.

It is sad when any blogger is forced to shut up shop under state pressure, and it is to be hoped that all other political bloggers, be they from the left or the right, will join The Exile in sending their best wishes to Uhuru Guru.

Sadly the chances of that happening are about as likely as the discovery of rocking horse shit. As we pointed out a few days ago, Uhuru Guru is just the wrong type of dissident blogger in the eyes of those precious, liberal, white middle class types who infest the world of blogs.



Not only 'left' it appears, but a few 'right' as well...

Idiots simply couldn't stomach UG's penchant for publishing gore pornographic photos; and pretendiing they were 'sa crime victims'... among other things..

But i guess if that kind of behaviour don't bug you... you are more than welcome to associate with him..

Guess we just have different interpretations of 'right' and 'conservative' and 'pro white'...

4 December 2009 at 00:29  

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