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10 November 2009
Even CNN don't believe Yoani Sanchez

Following on from last night's posting about Yoani Sanchez and her supposed assault by Cuban government agents, the mystery as to why she has refused to post a photo that would back up her claim to have been heavily beaten has started to clear thanks to this CNN report.

In the video she claims that her face is bruised, but to this writer's jaundiced eye it doesn't look marked at all. One arm has light bruising on it which could have come from anything, and as for the crutches, all we can say is that Hollywood is missing a star.

According to the carefully worded CNN report Sanchez walks in "apparent pain" and "CNN is not able to independently verify the incident," which is as good a way of saying that they think that she is a lying little slag as well.

The Cuban scabs really need to come up with better agitprop than this if they are going to have a hope in hell of convincing a sceptical world.

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This is a self indulgent posting, if I may so so. I read this blog and a couple of others, but the notion that blogs are important is wishful thinking.

Sorry to be so blunt, but who cares about someone in Cuba? It's a place for cheap holidays and easy sex - a bit like Lithuania where I was last month.

10 November 2009 at 19:21  

All my postings are self indulgent pretty much by definition since blogging is supremely self indulgent. I get between 150 and 200 hits a day and when it is near the higher figure I pat myself on the back and try to forget that most people arrive via a search engine and are looking at a specific page. Anyway, I am quite aware that blogging is not going to change anything, but it won't stop me from keeping my hobby going.

10 November 2009 at 21:32  

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