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05 November 2009
Afghan policeman shows his true colours
Five British soldiers have been killed in Afghanistan and the press are trying to write it off as the action of a lone, rogue policeman. Actually, it is far more serious than that, and very simple to understand.

The regime in Kabul lacks legitimacy because it is kept in power by foreign troops. All the talk about training the local army and police only serves to try and hide the fact that those forces are then expected to go into action on behalf of their western paymasters. That they will not do. They may take the occupiers' shilling, but all they are doing with that is earning a buttie - their loyalty is inevitably going to be to their own people and institutions.

Leading on from that is the obvious point that sooner or later the occupiers will leave the country. Everyone else stays because that is where they live. Thus the notion that the Afghans will be ever loyal to forces that one day will cut and run is risible. Everyone knows that next year, or next decade, the collaborators will have to answer to the guerrilla fighters, and nobody looks forward to that with equanimity.

As the war against Afghanistan becomes more and more unpopular in the west, then we can expect to see more attacks like this. The locally recruited collaborators just have to prove how loyal they are to their own land, or face some pretty horrible consequences.

Expect more of the same in the months to come.



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