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26 October 2009
The truth about immigration: it's a conspiracy
We can confidently say that the Labour Party's death certificate was written up by Andrew Neather, a former party aide, in the London Evening Standard on Friday of last week.

Many of us had wondered if the government had basically lost control of immigration, or was it allowing London, especially, to become a third world hell-hole as part of a deliberate policy? Thanks to Neather's candid article we know know that it was deliberate policy to open the doors to all and sundry.

The argument goes that the reasoning behind this was "to rub the Right's nose in diversity and render their arguments out of date," but that point of view rings hollow. The Conservatives have adopted the multicultural agenda with ease, and the only people who are getting their noses rubbed in the dirt are the urban working class.

The writer makes this point implicitly when he states that the "foreign nannies cleaners and gardeners"could not be replaced by "unemployed BNP voters from Barking or Burnley". Of course the BNP got hardly any votes back in 2000 when this policy was introduced, so the people that Neather is attacking are not mythical BNP supporters, but the ordinary working class.

Of course they could have done all those jobs and more, but they would not be willing to live ten to a room and be paid peanuts. Obviously new council houses would have had to be built, and the workers would have joined unions and demanded a decent wage. Far better for the middle class to import the gutter sweepings of the non-unionised world to labour for them and leave the working class to rot. Thus, and as we reported over two years ago, "London isn't England anymore," and the city's working class are falling over themselves to get out of the urban jungle that Nu-Labour has created.

It is probably too late to prevent London from joining the ranks of the third world, but the same cannot be said of the rest of the country. All it needs is for the working class to finally get its act together and organise in opposition to a policy that stands so totally against its economic interests.



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