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23 October 2009
Teachers protected Pakistani gangs in school
Here we go again with yet more lower middle class stupidity, and this time it led to a 15 year old boy being almost battered to death by a hammer-wielding Pakistani gang. Henry Webster was left fighting for his life in 2007 when a dozen Asians battered him insensible. The gang were later jailed, but it is emerging now that the school that Henry attended allowed its Pakistani pupils to form gangs that terrorised the whites, but if those same whites tried to form their own gangs, then the teachers would move to prevent that from happening.

The Daily Mail report presents this as political correctness gone mad, which it certainly is, but there is something else going on as well.

Does anyone remember the case of Cody Stott, the Salford schoolgirl who objected to having to sit in a lesson with a bunch of non-English speaking asylum seekers? For her pains she had to listen to a torrent of abuse from a teacher and was then arrested by the Old Bill and held for hours on spurious and trumped up charges.

The lower middle class loves poking a stick into the proletarian hornets' nest just to demonstrate that it can. For their part, ordinary people believe that if they roll with the punches then eventually the teachers, social workers, council penpushers and the like will leave them alone, but that is not the case.

This is about power, and about demonstrating who wields the power. Sooner or later the hornets will fly out of their nest and start stinging everyone and everything around.

The middle class will howl, but they only have themselves to blame.



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