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14 October 2009
Social work filth now target middle class families

The anguished mother who produced and uploaded the above video to YouTube on the 12th of this month believes that only the poor have their children seized by those dark beings known as the social work filth. This blog took a similar view in our earlier postings about the creatures' activities, but evidence is emerging that the social work filth have basically thrown caution to the wind and are now grabbing anyone that they can, as this middle class family from Sussex will testify.

Over two years ago, we argued that working class districts were increasingly becoming colonial territories that were run by an administrative caste of social workers, teachers, council officials and the police. Nothing has happened since then to change that view, but it has to be admitted that the solution put forward, namely the creation of local groups on each estate to protect the children has not come to fruition.

Very well, since the social work filth are out of control, working class activists must put aside their distaste for cross-class alliances, and work with whoever comes along who shares our loathing for the social work industry. That means the likes of the high Tories, the libertarians, and as many ratepayer associations as we can make contact with. It doesn't matter what the ideology is, so long as they join us in putting an end to this group of semi-literate knuckle-draggers as soon as possible.



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