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15 October 2009
Sayeeda Warsi will debate Nick Griffin on Question Time

It seems that Sayeeda Warsi - no, the name did not trip off my tongue, either - has been chosen as the Tory who will go head to head with the British National Party's Nick Griffin on the 22nd October edition of Question Time.

I had never heard of this woman, but it only took me a few minutes to find out the following:

1. As you can see from the above video, little Sayeeda comes over as a brainless bitch who can neither string a fucking sentence together, nor create a coherent argument. Griffin can do both, so he is going to have a field day with this one.

2. In her unsuccessful campaign for a Commons’ seat in 2005 she had the support of Lord Nazir Ahmed, supposedly a Labour peer. So where does her loyalty lie – and his come to that? To the party or to their shared religion?

3. Although born in England she has worked for the Pakistani Ministry of Law. So, does she think of herself as English or Pakistani? This question is more pertinent when you consider that her marriage was arranged, and she married a Pakistani who was brought over especially to marry her and bless England with his presence.

4. The homosexualist lobby hates her as she supported Section 28 and opposed the lowering of the age of buggery from 18 to 16. Now we at Team Exile have nothing against gay boys; indeed some of our very best friends are rancid little poofs: it's just that we can see plenty of room for Griffin to cause trouble between this bird and the benders’ lobby.

5. She's fat. Sorry, but it's the truth. What this means is that she can't overcome all her other failings by flashing a shaggable body for the television cameras, because she doesn't have one.

The Tories could have put up a heavyweight like William Hague to make mincemeat out of Griffin, but they chose Sayeeda instead. It is not as if she is a popular figure in her party, as this Tory blogger and his commentators demonstrate. The reasoning probably goes that her selection demonstrates how inclusive the Tories now are.

A pity that the BNP now looks set to walk away with the honours because of that act of stupidity.



Nick will use this paki to wipe his arse on.


15 October 2009 at 17:58  

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