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06 October 2009
Nothing Working Class About Nothing British

Well, that's pretty straightforward, isn't it? Working class people worried about the growth in the popularity of the British National Party. Here is a video produced by those working class people - please note the presenter's accent:

So who are these horny handed sons of toil? Let's have a look:

James Bethell is actually the Fifth Lord Bethell, and a former arse-licking scab at the Sunday Times who now runs a communications company. Obviously he is not one of the "ordinary working people" mentioned in the website.

What about Tim Mongomerie, who is the editor of the website Conservative Home and who was Ian Duncan Smith's chief of staff? He also set up something called the Conservative Christian Fellowship. . . Hmm, I think that I have heard of Tim. I think this video shows him with the London Proddie Boys - Tim's the one banging buggery out of the Lambeg Drum:

All Croppies lie down, eh? On second thoughts perhaps not - it all looks a bit too rough for some Central Office chancer.

We could go on but what's the point? Let's put forward a tentative hypothesis that these buggers are telling porkies when they claim to be "ordinary working people," and let's argue that they are middle class shit instead.

Why are they trying it on? Probably because they realise that in spite of lies to the contrary, there is not enough middle class rabble around to influence anything so they need allies. Their baleful gaze has alighted upon the working class, but our tribe got sweet fuck all out of the past 12 years of Nu-Labour, and is still gagging for revenge for the Thatcher years. Thus a cross-class alliance is probably out of the question, especially with a gang of verminous Tories. So lacking numbers of their own they have to pretend that they are of our tribe in the hope of co-opting us to their agenda. It is also based on the notion that we are too thick to check these wazzocks out. Big fucking mistake, lads.

So what are the chances of this blog cheering on one of Murdoch's bumsuckers and his mates? I reckon that there are probably two chances: a dog's chance and no fucking chance. I may oppose the far right, but at least in all my dealings with them there has always been a mutual respect, that had its roots in our shared culture and background. Furthermore, the working class activists of both right and left also ask the same questions. The answers we reach are different, but the questions are the same. Middle class scum who have now been lording it over us for many a decade do not even ask the questions. Why should they, when sucking up gets them a few scraps from the boss man's table?

Bollocks to 'em and bollocks to their attempts to dupe us into believing that they are anything other than capitalism's arsewipes.

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Ouch! First the Kamster and now these people. Is there no end to your rancour?

Keep up the good work.

6 October 2009 at 14:53  

Nope, none whatsoever. These buggers make my piles itch with their fantasies about being just like us. I think that I'll have a laugh at the buggers expense. Why not? Got nothing else to do.

6 October 2009 at 22:25  

To be honest this video is so hilarious, will the next one feature Nick killing kittens or something equally ridiculous?
It just proves how out of touch Tory toffs are with normal people.

29 January 2010 at 15:54  

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