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16 October 2009
The Islamic Party?

Watch the video if your blood pressure can stand it, because in less than a minute it demonstrates Muslim hubris in action. The speech by Shahid Malik MP was made a year ago, but the above section was carefully excluded from the video that was released afterwards. In it Malik looks forward to a time "when the whole parliament will be Muslim". Needless to say the British National Party managed to get its paws on the triumphalist section and has made hay with it.

The Labour Party, which Malik belongs to, was established just over a century ago by Catholics in the big cities and Methodists in the towns. Theologically they were miles apart, but what kept them together was the knowledge that they were both working class and were both working towards the same end: the collectivisation of the British economy.

Those days have clearly gone, to be replaced in the case of Malik and his mates by the politics of religion, coupled with a desire to keep snouts firmly planted in the public trough. It may very well be that following Labour's meltdown at next year's general election, and Islamic Party will be formed. It may even win a few council seats in some of the northern mill towns. However it is unlikely to win any parliamentary seats and its mere existence will further boost the fortunes of the BNP.

What a great future we have awaiting us.

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