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28 October 2009
The immigration conspiracy unravels
The truth of the conspiracy that aimed at turning as much of England as possible into a third world sewer is starting to rattle the conspirators. Jack Straw has published an article denying the story's veracity, and Andrew Neather, the man who first spilled the beans, has now gone on record to deny writing what all of us read just the other day.

Staw can be quickly dealt with. His carefully worded exercise in shifting the goalposts refers to a decline in asylum seekers. Now that may or may not be the case, but what is certain is that Neather was not writing about that group. His article was concerned with migration in general, and the government's decision in 2000 to open the flood gates and pretty much allow all and sundry to enter Britain.

Neather's argument is that a multicultural Britain was not the prime motive behind the speech that he wrote, nor the government report that it was based on. The problem with that line is that by admitting millions of third worlders in Britain, the government almost by definition sought to change the ethnic and cultural make-up of the country.

That government cannot fall back on a cock-up explanation, either. It has emerged that the original report entitled "Migration, a Social and Economic Analysis" was carefully edited before publication to remove any mention of the downside to massive immigration such as an increase in crime.

The government's friends in the mass media are playing down what in this writer's mind is the story of the decade. It is therefore up to the blogs to get the message out: the Labour government has brought in an army of foreign workers with the obvious aim of changing the country's racial and cultural make-up, thus cutting the wages and thereby keeping the local working class on the dole.



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