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13 October 2009
How not to set up a front organisation
A few days ago we uploaded a post about a site called Nothing British About The BNP, and had a laugh at the owners' pretensions to being working class. Now it's time to have a chuckle at their fantasy of amounting to anything other than half a dozen blokes who seem to run about the same number of websites.

Have you ever heard of The Union of Voters? Hardly surprising if you haven't since the site has not updated since June, but the people behind it also created the Nothing British site.

Nothing British is also connected to Conservative Home and The Henry Jackson Society, two sites which at least have the advantage of not being defunct. Writers such as Maurice Cousins from Nothing British crop up at both of the other two, which means that he is tied in to the likes of Gimlet Kamm who is also a member of the HJS.

What does Gimlet, who tries to pretend that he is a socialist, have in common with Cousins, an admitted Tory? A slavish devotion to American power and a love affair with Israel, seems to be the answer.

A generation ago setting up any of the above organisations would have required a lot of warm bodies. Today any old idiot can set up a website in little more than an afternoon and then pretend that the site involves very many people. However, they do need to remember to add in lots of fake monickers to the mix otherwise people might twig the deception.

Do you think that someone should remind these webmongs of that?



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