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08 October 2009
Have the Tories now lost the 2010 general election?
Was this the week that the Tories lost the next general election? George Osborne's threat to freeze the public sector pay of those earning over £18,000 a year will anger the more than four million voters who are in that position. Forcing men to work an extra year before they can start collecting their pensions is also unlikely to go down well with any man currently over fifty. Finally, the Tories want to scrap both tax credits and spending on child trust funds for middle class families. Both of these moves will be presented as stealth taxes, which of course is what they are.

The Tories are just as keen as Labour to fill the gaping hole in the state's accounts that came about because of the bank bailout, but their decision to announce that they intend to do over the public sector middle class is hubris of the highest order. Only time will tell whether Labour will be able to rally and advantage of this bout of Tory stupidity, or whether the electoral benefits will flow towards the Liberal-Democrats and the minor parties. However, as the state and private sector employed middle class limber up for their mutual blood-letting, one thing is clear: this is not a battle that we are involved in so we can watch with glee from the sidelines as the buggers go at it.



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