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19 October 2009
Griffin and Question Time: middle class angst on display
Nick Griffin, the British National Party's leader hasn't even appeared on the BBC's Question Time yet, but already liberal middle class sphincters are clenching at the thought. Nick Cohen has been engaging in a bout of breast beating over at the Observer, and just to make sure that their readers got the message, the paper chose an image of a National Alliance protest in Leeds. That error, or smear, is something that the BNP's deputy press officer was delighted to point out, but the silly sod got the newspaper wrong and claimed that the piece appeared in the Independent. All across the Sunday press the Cohen piece was repeated in different words as various types asked how this could happen and what can be done to stop it?

How it happened is very simple: the BNP is the old Labour Party with a pinch of added racism. The party seeks to represent the urban working class, and may very well succeed in that aim since Labour now treats its former core constituents as vermin.

What can be done to stop the right's forward march? The most obvious solution is for Labour to remember which class it was set up to represent. For instance it could repeal all the old Tory anti-trades union legislation and at a stroke that would put paid to the flood of foreign labour into the UK: no union card, no job. End of story. The party could also start hiking up the tax that the middle class pays and make it plain that this is being done as an act of retribution for the Thatcher years.

What, however, is the solution that the left is putting forward? According to the Cohen piece, Jon Cruddass the so-calls leftist Labour MP want to see Andrew Neil put forward to debate Nick Griffin. For the record, Neil is the arselicking scab who as editor of the Sunday Times helped Rupert Murdoch put over 6,000 printers out of work during the Wapping Strike. It is one thing for a socialist to call for a tall tree and a short rope for the likes of Neil, but the fact that the scab has been put forward quite seriously as the man to take on Griffin probably tells you all you need to know about the left in Britain today.

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