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05 October 2009
Georgia started the South Ossetia War, says the EU
Do you remember in August of last year when Georgian president Mikheil Saakashvili had his monstrous brain fart and decided to attack South Ossetia? How various warmongering types tried to blame the Russians for the five day conflict? Well, the European Union has issued a report which makes it plain that it was Georgia that initiated the hostilities. Of course the EU has to stick the boot into Russia as well, but we can ignore that just as much as the Russians will.

The point is that your friendly old Exile who gave up many a night's sleep to report and analyse this conflict was just right, wasn't he? Furthermore, all those types who came around here screaming that we were falling for Russian propaganda were just wrong. That is nice.

Looking back, we did got one or two details wrong. For instance the involvement of Israel in the affair was a lot less than it seemed at the time, and there was some Russian provocation that went unreported by us. That said, if that tie chewing wazzock that the Georgians have as their president was mug enough to fall for those tricks, then he and his country deserve everything that came their way:

So, minor details aside, we got the big picture bang to rights. The Georgians attacked and the Russians, aided by irregular forces such as Cossack hosts, steamed in and left them with their arses hanging out the window.

So what can we say to all the warmongers out there who wanked so ferociously over the thought that globalised capitalism was taking a forward step?

You got it wrong, tosspots - that's what we can say.



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