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07 October 2009
Exclusive: MI5 try to halt the BNP in Essex
The Tory Party is flooding the Essex constituencies of Romford and Upminster with activists every weekend, as Tory Central Office is said to be "bricking it" at the thought that the British National Party might capture both seats, according to our well-placed local source. He also reports that MI5 are poring into the county and are so desperate to recruit informants that they are breaking the basic rule of their craft, which is to be discrete. Hence people are pointing out the MI5 operatives to one another and having a good chuckle at their expense.

To make matters even more risible, Labour is trying to send people to Barking as Richard Barnbrook, the BNP's Greater London Assembly Member, has announced that he will stand in the constituency at next year's general election. Alas for the Labour Party the word is that they can't find enough warm bodies to go and knock on doors to help defend the seat.

The county is home to the famous Essex Man, a creature who did well out of the Thatcher years. Of late the recession has hit such people hard and they can no longer afford to finance their lifestyles with the easy credit of yore. Put another way, these are the folk who got a class above themselves and don't like the cold blast of reality that is now hitting them.

Both they and the BNP deserve each other.



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