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12 October 2009
The courts let foreign criminals stay in Britain
In 2007 Gordon Brown told the various foreign types that have blessed the UK with their presence that: "If you commit a crime you will be deported from our country". However, this promise has gone down the toilet along with most of Nu-Labour's other pledges.

The problem is the 1998 Human Rights Act which the courts interpret in such a way as to make the deportation even of rapists and other violent criminals almost impossible. It is tempting to blame the European Union for all this, but France and Germany manage to deport their scum with none of the aggravation that Britain faces, so the problem seems to be home grown.

This quite disgusting story adds yet more weight to the idea that there is an enormous disconnect between the ordinary people of Britain and the political class which rules them.

That being so, the next election will almost certainly see a Nu-Labour meltdown, but possibly not a massive Tory majority. The minor parties will pick up a lot of votes, and in England at any rate that means a sizeable vote for the British National Party.

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