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04 September 2009
Noor Ramjanally & changing British attitudes
The Skype call from London came bright and early on this side of the Atlantic and the caller couldn't keep the laughter out of his voice:

"Some wog's been caught out telling porkies to the law," he gleefully reported.

The interesting thing about the Noor Ramjanally tale is not that this chancer tried to pull the wool over everyone's eyes by claiming that men connected to the British National Party had abducted him, then stuck him in a car boot before driving him to Epping Forest and there threatening him with violence if he did not stop his Muslim work in the area.

Neither is it that the usual gang of local politicians, teachers and police all trooped along to Ramajanally's meeting hall to perform the osculum infame on his nether region.

What is interesting about this case is that the London Evening Standard has switched off the comment box that usually comes at the foot of every story. It is as if they are afraid that the comments may fall outside the level of acceptability that British people are forced to adhere to by their lords and masters.

A few Skype calls to friends in the UK would seem to suggest that the paper is right to be worried. Nobody that your friendly old Exile spoke to ever had any doubt at all that Ramajanally had been lying all along, and all expressed their utter contempt for the gang that had bum-sucked him with such devotion.

Tentatively, we can conclude with the thought that something seems to be changing in Britain. People are sick and tired of the political class and its hangers on who seem to have an interest in anybody but them. Especially if that anybody is black or brown.

In the past it was only the hardcore skinheads who felt that way, but now it seems to be much more widespread.

The next General Election could turn out to be very interesting indeed.



You might enjoy this ...


4 September 2009 at 16:59  

Thanks for the link - it is seriously entertaining. I will blog about this next week.

4 September 2009 at 22:36  

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