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11 September 2009
More on the debtors' revolt video
Following right along from last night's posting about a putative debtors' revolt in the USA, the video that started the ball rolling seems to be on the verge of going viral. In the 48 hours that it has been on YouTube the Debtors' Revolt Begins Now video has gained just over 60,000 hits. Websites are linking to the short video and encouraging their readers to sign up for the programme as it were. So who is the woman behind it all?

She calls herself Rockerchic4god on YouTube and she has an almost moribund blog under that name on the Blogspot servers. Her real name is believed to be Ann Minch and she and her husband live in Northern California. Ann is a God botherer which is going to lead to credibility problems if this debt revolt movement of hers really starts to take off.

Will it take off? Well, as the above video shows, the American economy is tanking in a big way and we are seeing the return of the tent cities that most people thought had vanished with the end of the Great Depression.

Anything is possible in other words, so let's wait and see.



Those tent cities have been mushrooming for the past year. I notice many figures for American poverty have jumped by over a third, and the 'real unemployment' in the states may be heading towards twenty, not ten, per cent.

Tent cities are also evident in Asia. In such circumstances, a combination of prayer and sheer bloody defiance is just about all that people can turn to.

I'm not sure Ann's peculiar religious views, which are shared by a good many American protestants, are that important; certainly, when it comes to civil disobedience, most of the rebels before the nineteen seventies had some sort of baptist or pentacostalist background, from Martin King through pentacostalists back to the backwater revolutionaries....

I think you are right about the economy. The figures are frightening.

11 September 2009 at 07:29  

Only Exile could stumble upon some loser whining on YouTube about trashing their own credit, and imagine this is the beginning of a "debtors revolt".

Mind you it's good to know that even as the American people are being driven into grinding destitution, they still have computers, video cameras and broadband connections to see them through the dark times.

11 September 2009 at 15:30  

'some loser'? and are you a winner?

Ah well. At least they do have the videos and broadband. They'll equalise against the tasers and weapons of the banks....

11 September 2009 at 21:29  

He's British, but works in Chicago. Some kind of cold calling job on the 'phone if memory serves me right. Believes in the man, though.

The video has now had 84,000 hits which means that it has fallen back slightly on the 60,000 that it picked up in its first two days.

Unless it picks up dramatically over the weekend, this one does not look like a viral goer.

12 September 2009 at 03:36  

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