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15 September 2009
More on the British food banks
The nice thing about blogging is the way in which a story can be published on one blog, and then taken up with further research on another. Yesterday, for instance, we posted a story about British food banks and pointed out that most of them seemed to be concentrated in the south. Martin Meenagh then discovered the name of the charity, the Trussell Trust, that runs most of the food banks, and sure enough they are proliferating in Southern England, but there are only a handful outside the old Kingdom of Wessex.

As we said yesterday, that is due to the vast numbers of working poor who live in the south, but what we didn't realise then was the numbers of British soldiers' families who are now a part of that working poor and who receive this form of charity.

Hard though it is to believe, a British private soldier earns less than £17,000 a year. When you compare that to a fucking traffic warden who screws over £20,000 a year, or a copper who pulls in £23,000 for acting as an escort to any filthy scab who wants to cross a picket line, then you can see that something is wrong.

You can also understand why the soldiers' families use this charity: all it takes is for the army to mess up one wage payment and the family back home are screwed because the wage earner is most likely up to his neck in Afghan tribesmen, and he is the only one who can sort the mess out.

What a shithole of a country Britain has become during my lifetime. We really do need a party that represents the urban working class and that has as its top priority the doing over of the parasitic middle class that has enjoyed itself so much at our expense over the past three decades.

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Disgusting!Especially as soldiers'families have to rely on bloody food banks.I broke my ankle recently,getting fit to volunteer for the 7th battalion the Rifles as an officer cadet...Actually,i am glad that i did. Gordon Brown should be bloody ashamed of himself,the poxed bastard.

15 September 2009 at 16:38  

Yes, sounds about right to me. Bloody Nu-Labour wants to arse lick the Americans by getting involved in wars all over the show, but they don't want to pay for them.

16 September 2009 at 00:56  

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