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02 September 2009
Free The Donkey Two
Why do we blog? That's a question that many of us ask from time to time, although not, it is to be hoped, with quite the angst displayed by Craig Murray when the question popped into his head the other day.

The quick answer is that we blog because we choose too - no bugger holds a gun to our heads and forces us to knock out our drivel. However, sometimes we get a result that puts us on front pages all across the world, and that must be very satisfying indeed.

Take Andnan Hajizade and Emin Milli as a case in point. These two bloggers from Azerbaijan have just been lifted by the local old bill, seemingly for having produced this video which shows a bloke in a donkey suit giving a press conference. The subtitles are a bit wonky but just check out the very beddable bit of talent at the 2:22 mark:

Needless to say the government has denied the allegations and is claiming that the Donkey Two - as I suppose we must call them - were lifted following a drunken brawl in a restaurant.

Before anyone starts giggling at the antics of third world shitholes, then consideration needs to be given to similar acts of censorship in Britain. For instance did you know that it is illegal to sing such fine old British folk songs as this one?

That's right - people are routinely arrested and fined, especially in Scotland, for singing this catchy lyric. That's why the two men in the video are in disguise!

So why do we blog and post videos to the web? We do it partly so that we can stick one to the man, and partly so that we can have a laugh. And they can't stop us from laughing.

On the other hand a mate of mine was once sacked for laughing. Mind you he was driving a fucking hearse at the time. . .



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