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12 September 2009
Debtors' Revolt Battleplan

Just giving up a few minutes of my weekend to point out that Ann has another video that was uploaded a few hours ago.

This new video is much more amateurish than the first and, in this writer's opinion, it runs for far too long. That said, this is Ann's campaign and she can do things as she wants. The debt revolt video has now had over 90,000 hits so she is quite entitled to argue that she is doing something right.

In the new video Ann puts forward a four-point plan to her fellow rebels:

1. Withdraw whatever funds you have in the "big global banks" and shift those funds to small, local banks. Her argument runs that you can have a personal relationship with a local bank that you cannot have with a giant.

2. Get rid of all credit cards unless you pay off the balance each month.

3. Live simply and within your means - don't fall for the man's big talk that aims to get you into debt.

4. Finally, "if you have a creditor who is gouging you, don't just roll over and take it".

Looking at the two videos together, there is something about this rebel woman that is solid and Protestant - she has about her the air of those other generations of Americans who did not take shit.

Ann, if you are reading this, General Lee surrendered, but just make sure that you don't:



I think it helps that it isn't slick, but you know more about agitprop than I. Solid and protestant, in a good way--yep, I agree. But she is a mental health manager from northern california, so watch out for suprises!

12 September 2009 at 21:42  

I think that it needs to be edited down to about two minutes, but I can understand the lady's excitement and the reason why she went over the top.

13 September 2009 at 01:16  

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