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10 August 2009
Why watching Muslim Demographics is a good thing

If you watch the above video, called Muslim Demographics, then you will be a part of the over ten million strong audience that has viewed the anti-Islam work since it was first uploaded on the 30th March this year.

The BBC is outraged at that figure and has devoted a page of its website to pointing out the errors that the video contains. In a futile attempt to stop folk from viewing the seven and a half minute epic, no link has been provided to the page where it is stored. Not to worry because your friendly old Exile is more than happy to provide that link. . .

So why are we providing publicity for a right-wing bit of propaganda? Partly because it is damn good propaganda. I doesn't scream at the audience, or preach to the already converted. What it does is go to work on the minds of people who are already leaning in an anti-Muslim way and then reinforce those views. Put simply, this is agitprop at its best.

However, the main reason for dishing out the free publicity is that Muslim Demographics manages to annoy the very people who make your friendly old Exile's piles itch like buggery. Just look at the comments on the BBC's website if you have any doubts. Consider the second one as a case in point: the poor little bitch is seriously outraged that YouTube have not pulled the video on her say-so alone. If you can stomach it, then read the comments at YouTube, but just be careful that you don't vomit at all the middle-class self righteous gittery that is on display.

It is a pity that the left no longer produces work that outrages the boss class's bum suckers in the way that this video does. We used to be able to frighten the fuckers - let's hope that we will do it again.



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