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12 August 2009
Who is behind the attacks on Barack Obama?

Are the attacks on Barack Obama which we reported on last week being coordinated by groups and possibly even governments? Rachel Maddow puts forward some pretty compelling arguments that point to the involvement of a gaggle of heavyweight right-wingers and corporate lobbyists.

However, could a foreign government be involved as well? Russia Today has an interview with an American journalist who claims that Israel has its greasy paws in the birther movement and, by implication, in the other attacks as well.

Why would Israel engage in such a high risk strategy? Israel has never seemed happy with Obama in the White House, perhaps fearing that his third world origins may lead to a more even-handed approach towards the Palestinian question. Just last week the Americans seem to have asked them to freeze settlements for a year. The Israeli response was to claim that America can't stop settlement building, an nonsensical claim if you think about it because the USA controls the purse-strings, and could bitch slap the Israelis into line merely with the threat that the next tranche of greenbacks will not be forthcoming. Certainly the Israeli Consul-General in Boston was so alarmed that ties between the two countries were being damaged that he sent off a secret memo that urged caution on Tel Aviv. His reward was to see the memo leaked and then to hear calls for his resignation from within the government.

We shall have to wait and see how this one plays out, but it has the makings of some serious entertainment, thinks your friendly old Exile.



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