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06 August 2009
Polish wage cutters

Let´s have an easy laugh, and the laughs don´t get much easier than the ones provided by the above video. . .

A couple of years ago I had a boozy evening with an Englishman who wrote for the building workers´journal. He reported that the Poles who worked on British building sites were almost impossible to unionise, and that the only thing that got them worked up was hearing mass in their own lingo.

It was reported late last year that as the British economy tanked, the Poles were heading home, only to find that the fucking Ukrainians had nipped in and helped the Polish boss class to cut the wages. You really would need a heart of stone not to laugh at this.

We need to bite the bullet and start to talk about taking control of the supply of labour in Britain, so as to stop the class enemy from importing scabs into the country to cut the wages.

The fact that issues like this that directly effect the working class are not discussed only goes to show just how far the left has moved from its roots over the past few decades.

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