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31 August 2009
Nu-Labour plans to stuff the disabled
Neil Clark reports that the Nu-Labour government seems to be hankering after the abolition of disability benefits, with a view to handing some of the money saved over to local councils who would administer the funds via their social work industries. What looks set to go is attendance allowance, but it is unlikely that disability living allowance will be allowed to survive unscathed and will probably lose its care component.

The point is that as things stand a person's attendance allowance can be used by that person to pay for whatever he or she wants. However, if the regime gets its way, then it is likely that claimants will receive a social worker administered personal budget. In other words they will not be able to use the funds as they wish, but will have to persuade a lump of social work filth that their wishes should be honoured.

There is one glimmer of hope on the horizon. Over four million people in the UK receive some form of disability benefit and the organisations that represent them are finally waking up to the threat. If they unite with the broader anti-social worker movements then we can see the beginnings of a massive voting block that could basically sell its vote to whichever party promised to oppose these plans.

Just to be honest about this - sticking the boot into Nu-Labour and its bovine local government client vote is a good in itself so let's get cracking.

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Thanks for that Mr Exile. I think you overstate the case against social workers. 'Social worker filth'? Apart from that I used to be one - I just couldn't live on these wages - I've been friend, 'carer' and now 'designated carer' to a schizophrenic for 20 years, and I've been regularly in touch with social workers most of that time, that is when they're not on holiday, sick or 'on training. When they're there I've found them ALL helpful and friendly; when they're not it's very annoying I admit, but I put myself in their position - there would have to be some perks to the job apart from the money, and how much could I myself afford to care about a stranger on that money. The problem is underfunding, as of course with mental health issues generally - the only votes in it are in 'cracking down' when a mentally ill person COMMITS a violent act; rather than the vastly more frequent case where they SUFFER from one - I'm sure you know that. Care in the community means jail, ultimately. Social workers, and other 'professionals - housing workers, drug intervention teams, community mental health team doctors and nurses etc. pretty much have to 'go through the motions' because the support just isn't there. For 15 years, I've listened to social worker after social worker tell me that they're going to get my friend into a ' dual diagnosis' rehab unit(that's mental health AND substance abuse, because her problems are too severe for a normal rehab), but the places are so few and the waiting list so long that the hoops she has to jump through to get in make it pretty much inaccessible - and she has made the effort far more than I ever believed she was capable of. But everyone has to pretend the help is there; same as with plain drug 'detox', the only way to get it is to get jailed, but governments all claim it's there, and the courts seem to take there word for it - I think (and I couldn't prove this in court) that the judiciary see themselves as representatives of the system, so by definition there can be no question that the system doesn't work. That's where the problem is, not with the social workers, who are all highly educated people working for insulting wages, without the tools to do the job.
But my interest in the assault on DLA is also more personal, since I myself have been disabled with advanced emphesema since a sudden catastrophic decline 10 years ago (I keep telling Neil Clark to abandon his campaign for smoking); what would local government do for me if they took away that little money that I can use as I see fit, like to slip a few pounds to someone to help me with something as I need it? Nothing effectively, I'm pretty confident. This is just a cut, taking money from the most vulnerable. If they want to talk about what society can afford, they can start by hanging more than a few bankers; then maybe I'll take them seriously.

1 September 2009 at 11:33  

Want to win? Then you will need the biggest coalition available and not everyone is going to sign up to your particular agenda.

Accept that and you might find that you are onto a winner.

1 September 2009 at 14:15  

I don't have any agenda but the campaign I linked to. The rest is just my own off-the-cuff musings. Anyway, thanks again for posting on this.

2 September 2009 at 01:11  

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