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14 August 2009
Introducing Orly Taitz

In spite of rumours to the contrary, this isn't Zsa Zsa Gabor's younger sister, it's Orly Taitz, a California based head the ball and Queen Birther. Click the video and watch the mad bitch go into meltdown when asked a simple question. You can also check out the wig that she is wearing and which can only be described as seriously nutty.

Orly tried to file a motion that would have admitted the Barack Obama Kenyan birth certificate that is going the rounds as evidence. However the motion was thrown out as:
The judge’s order stated that Taitz’s motion was improperly filed because it was in the wrong format, it lacked proper notice, she failed to identify her Calif. State Bar No., and the description of the motion conflicts or is different from that which counsel entered on the Court’s e-docket.
Orly Taitz was born in Moldova - hence the risible accent - and went to live in Israel in her teens. She then moved to the USA, so God knows where her loyalties are to be found. She is a dentist, estate agent and crap lawyer. That last is understandable when we recall that she got her law degree from an on-line college and it's only recognised in California and one or two other states.

Still, Orly and her wig and accent are all good for a laugh, so let's not be too hard on her.



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