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11 August 2009
Has Islam in Europe created a "demographic time bomb"?
Following on from yesterday's posting about the video Muslim Demographics, the problem with the video is that it was relatively easy to pick holes in the argument. The reason was that the video makers were trying to claim that Europe would be taken over by Muslims due to a differential birthrate. Now, Muslims do breed at a higher rate than Europeans, but the difference is not as enormous as the video claimed: hence the BBC and others were able to rubbish the argument with relative ease.

However, the Sunday Telegraph carried two stories which should give everyone cause for concern. The issue is not a differential birthrate, rather it is a seemingly uncontrollable level of immigration into the European Union. For instance, Spain had a non-native population of just 3.2 percent in 1998 and by 2007 that figure has leaped to 13.4 percent. Of course, once someone has made it to Spain, then there is little to stop them moving to Britain, since the idea of border controls these days seems to have become a joke. Thus roughly 10 percent of London's population now seems to be Muslim, and over half of the children born in that city have at least one parent who is foreign born.

Those figures are pretty rough and ready, with the problem being that the government either refuses to collate accurate figures or will not release them. What the government has done is introduce legislation to outlaw what it calls religious hatred. In other words the regime is trying to keep a lid on a situation that seems to be ready to explode.

Writing of the Missouri Compromise in 1820, the ageing Thomas Jefferson wrote that it seemed "like a fireball in the night," which filled him with dread for the future of his country. Reading the Telegraph's reports, your friendly old Exile feels a similar sense of foreboding.

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