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31 August 2009
Nu-Labour plans to stuff the disabled
Neil Clark reports that the Nu-Labour government seems to be hankering after the abolition of disability benefits, with a view to handing some of the money saved over to local councils who would administer the funds via their social work industries. What looks set to go is attendance allowance, but it is unlikely that disability living allowance will be allowed to survive unscathed and will probably lose its care component.

The point is that as things stand a person's attendance allowance can be used by that person to pay for whatever he or she wants. However, if the regime gets its way, then it is likely that claimants will receive a social worker administered personal budget. In other words they will not be able to use the funds as they wish, but will have to persuade a lump of social work filth that their wishes should be honoured.

There is one glimmer of hope on the horizon. Over four million people in the UK receive some form of disability benefit and the organisations that represent them are finally waking up to the threat. If they unite with the broader anti-social worker movements then we can see the beginnings of a massive voting block that could basically sell its vote to whichever party promised to oppose these plans.

Just to be honest about this - sticking the boot into Nu-Labour and its bovine local government client vote is a good in itself so let's get cracking.

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28 August 2009
Weekending: Cheerleader Upskirt
Let's hope that this tickles your fancy until we return next week.

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27 August 2009
Jenny Hawkins loses her skirt

I suppose that most of you have already seen this video, but for those of you who haven't, it features the lovely Jennifer Hawkins, Miss Universe in 2004, and her G-string.


26 August 2009
Stripping Moscow Style

This Moscow bar is called The Hungry Duck, just in case you fancy a visit. As you can see from the video, the decent talent is summarily yanked onto the bar and then stripped to the buff. Watch the video to the very end and see how the girl gets returned to her boyfriend:

"OK, Ivan, we've seen what Natasha looks like - here, you can have her back, now."


25 August 2009
Last days of peace in 1939
Seventy years ago Britain was enjoying her last few days of peace before the war with Germany began. The writer George Orwell was busy keeping his diary up to date and the entries are being posted to the web seventy years to the day after they were first written.

The entries themselves are little more than a chronicle of the final days of peace, with a commentary on the number of eggs that his chickens produced and how the vegetable garden was coming along. That said, what makes the entries enthralling was the decision by the editor to include scans of the press clippings that Orwell kept with his diary.

It is by reading those pages that we can see Europe sliding into the war that would finally eclipse the western part of the continent's power, probably for all time.

With that hindsight in mind, taken as a whole the work makes for some sad reading.
24 August 2009
How a blogger can avoid being outed
The outing of bloggers who wish to remain anonymous has become something of a hobby for various types of late. It probably all started in 2004 when the Guardian published the real name of the writer behind the Guido Fawkes mask, and since then everyone seems to have got in on the act. The Alaskan author of The Mudflats had her identity revealed by a Republican Congressman, and both The Girl With A One-Track Mind and Night Jack were exposed by the Murdoch scab-sheets. Finally, an American court has ordered Google to reveal the identity of the person who set up the now defunct Skanks in NYC blog.

On the one hand the blogs have responded to this by declaring war on the hacks concerned. Patrick Foster who outed Night Jack has now been outed in his turn as a former porn merchant during his university days. For her part Anna Mikhailova, the hackette who published The Girl's real name, has found out to her cost that fucking with the blogs is not a good idea.

On the other hand, although revenge is a good thing, it would be far better if all those bloggers had kept their anonymity intact - so how could they have done that?

Those putative bloggers who worry that one fine day a court will order their exposure should set up their blogs from an internet cafe that is as far away from their usual haunts as they can manage. The e-mail address should have been created especially for the blog, and postings should never be made from home or work. If those steps are taken, then all the investigations and court orders in the world will not out the blogger.

Most bloggers don't need to go to all that trouble to stay anonymous, as all they need to do is learn from the experiences of those who have already been outed, and not make the mistakes that led to those downfalls. Let's take The Girl as a case in point - she was writing a sex blog, so what on earth inspired her to start rabbiting on about the films that she had worked on as a camerawoman?

What was true in her case was true in so many others: people just gave out too much information about themselves. Keep it simple, folks, and the chances of being outed are much diminished.


21 August 2009
Weekending: Blue Veiners

That bloke has got to be nursing a blue veiner. . .


20 August 2009
American healthcare: sticking the boot in the right

The leftist gloves are finally coming off in the American healthcare debate as Rep. Barnie Frank puts some gobbie little bird in her place. Click to start the video and watch as Frank asks rhetorically on which planet she spends most of her time?

Had the bit of stuff not been a rightist airhead then she could have shot back that Frank spends a lot of his time around Uranus, but she obviously hadn't been taught the techniques of stump heckling. Or maybe she's just got a bra size larger than her IQ and is too thick to learn? We shall never know. . .

Anyway, let's see more of this attitude directed towards the knuckle-draggers: just humiliate the fuckers and watch them crawl back to their rancid suburbs and dreary small towns.

Or why not use ridicule, as the guy in sunglasses and the girl stood in front of him are doing in this photo?

Either way, stop pandering to the right and get the bill passed just as the Civil Rights Act was passed in 1964.


19 August 2009
No shit: "the internet does not spread democracy"
"Social media and the internet do not spread democracy," claims a breathless piece in the Daily Telegraph. Only a fool ever thought that they would, thinks your friendly old Exile. What the web does is provide activists with a tool that can be used to help mobilise people, but that is about as far as it goes. If folk are not interested in the message, then all the fancy media in the world isn't going to get them moving.

Not only that, but the message has to travel in a way that reaches people easily. Expecting people in the third world to use Twitter, as the writer of this piece does, is a mistake of the first order. The simple truth is that whilst folk have adopted the mobile 'phone with gusto, the use of computers lags far behind that of the west.

Alas there are no subversive short cuts - if there were then someone would have twigged to them by now.


17 August 2009
On American Wingnuttery
The Washington Post had an interesting story on Sunday which traced the history of American head-banger politics over the years. Whatever the ostensible issue the root cause for the outbreak of lunacy is usually the same:
. . .expansion of the commonweal to empower new communities, accommodation to internationalism, the heightened influence of cosmopolitans and the persecution complex of conservatives who can't stand losing an argument. My personal favorite? The federal government expanded mental health services in the Kennedy era, and one bill provided for a new facility in Alaska. One of the most widely listened-to right-wing radio programs in the country, hosted by a former FBI agent, had millions of Americans believing it was being built to intern political dissidents, just like in the Soviet Union.
Your friendly old Exile wouldn't argue with any of that, but there is one point that needs to be made. During Kennedy's time most Americans listened to the same music on the same radio stations and watched the same network news from one of the three national channels. Whether they liked it or not, they had to debate one another. However, today things are very different. The right watches Fox News and the left tunes in to CNN. Both sides have their own websites that appeal only to the already converted. In other words what is happening is that increasingly Americans are only getting their information from places that bolster their already existing values and beliefs. That may be why increasing numbers of them are screaming at each other. . .

The last time that this happened was the 1850s when the South was censoring the mails and thus preventing Northern newspapers and abolitionist tracts from reaching the region. Americans during that decade ceased to talk to each other and contented themselves with screaming at the other side. Although there were a lot of other factors at play, today's Americans might want to pause for a moment and consider that the decade of the 1850s ended in civil war.


15 August 2009
Weekending: What do you like most in a woman?


14 August 2009
Introducing Orly Taitz

In spite of rumours to the contrary, this isn't Zsa Zsa Gabor's younger sister, it's Orly Taitz, a California based head the ball and Queen Birther. Click the video and watch the mad bitch go into meltdown when asked a simple question. You can also check out the wig that she is wearing and which can only be described as seriously nutty.

Orly tried to file a motion that would have admitted the Barack Obama Kenyan birth certificate that is going the rounds as evidence. However the motion was thrown out as:
The judge’s order stated that Taitz’s motion was improperly filed because it was in the wrong format, it lacked proper notice, she failed to identify her Calif. State Bar No., and the description of the motion conflicts or is different from that which counsel entered on the Court’s e-docket.
Orly Taitz was born in Moldova - hence the risible accent - and went to live in Israel in her teens. She then moved to the USA, so God knows where her loyalties are to be found. She is a dentist, estate agent and crap lawyer. That last is understandable when we recall that she got her law degree from an on-line college and it's only recognised in California and one or two other states.

Still, Orly and her wig and accent are all good for a laugh, so let's not be too hard on her.


13 August 2009
Letterman's Nailin' Palin
Hustler Video hasn't finished with Sarah Palin yet. Filming wrapped in July for the talk show spoof that features MILF extraordinaire Lisa Ann, who reprised her role as a parody of former governor Sarah Palin. And to quiz her in the hot seat,Hustler recruited the Letterman-esque Randy Spears. Now that she’s off the hook to run a state, the fake Sarah makes a special trip to parody Letterman’s set to “kiss” and make up. What she doesn’t expect are David’s other guests who have a hankerin’ for some hot Palin tail!

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Ashley Greene Nude Photos
You tapped Ashley Greene dirty photos into Google, am I right? You and millions of others because the Ashley Green nude shots are flavour of the month right now.

As you might expect, lawyers for the star of Twilight are running around like blue arsed flies trying to get the photos removed from all the websites that have them. As for Ashley, she has enough free publicity to keep her going for a while.


12 August 2009
Who is behind the attacks on Barack Obama?

Are the attacks on Barack Obama which we reported on last week being coordinated by groups and possibly even governments? Rachel Maddow puts forward some pretty compelling arguments that point to the involvement of a gaggle of heavyweight right-wingers and corporate lobbyists.

However, could a foreign government be involved as well? Russia Today has an interview with an American journalist who claims that Israel has its greasy paws in the birther movement and, by implication, in the other attacks as well.

Why would Israel engage in such a high risk strategy? Israel has never seemed happy with Obama in the White House, perhaps fearing that his third world origins may lead to a more even-handed approach towards the Palestinian question. Just last week the Americans seem to have asked them to freeze settlements for a year. The Israeli response was to claim that America can't stop settlement building, an nonsensical claim if you think about it because the USA controls the purse-strings, and could bitch slap the Israelis into line merely with the threat that the next tranche of greenbacks will not be forthcoming. Certainly the Israeli Consul-General in Boston was so alarmed that ties between the two countries were being damaged that he sent off a secret memo that urged caution on Tel Aviv. His reward was to see the memo leaked and then to hear calls for his resignation from within the government.

We shall have to wait and see how this one plays out, but it has the makings of some serious entertainment, thinks your friendly old Exile.


11 August 2009
Happy birthday to me
Today is my 53rd birthday and I plan to celebrate the event by getting the eldest lad and his uncle to help me hobble downstairs and then stuff me into the car. The plan is to go off to a restaurant for coffee and cakes. . .

My health is improving very, very slowly. The muscles in my legs have recovered enough to carry my weight, but my feet are still out of shape. The right foot is better than the left, and I can put it down flat with all my weight on it, but the left foot is taking its time to recover. I can sort of use the ball of that foot to carry some weight, and can then hobble a bit with help.

I will post an update when we get back - wish me luck.

Update, 6.45pm:

Well, getting me downstairs turned out to be surprisingly easy as the lad is stronger than I realised. He left the restaurant to go off with some miniskirt so getting upstairs was a laugh and a half, but the wife and her uncle managed it.

All in all today was a good day!
Has Islam in Europe created a "demographic time bomb"?
Following on from yesterday's posting about the video Muslim Demographics, the problem with the video is that it was relatively easy to pick holes in the argument. The reason was that the video makers were trying to claim that Europe would be taken over by Muslims due to a differential birthrate. Now, Muslims do breed at a higher rate than Europeans, but the difference is not as enormous as the video claimed: hence the BBC and others were able to rubbish the argument with relative ease.

However, the Sunday Telegraph carried two stories which should give everyone cause for concern. The issue is not a differential birthrate, rather it is a seemingly uncontrollable level of immigration into the European Union. For instance, Spain had a non-native population of just 3.2 percent in 1998 and by 2007 that figure has leaped to 13.4 percent. Of course, once someone has made it to Spain, then there is little to stop them moving to Britain, since the idea of border controls these days seems to have become a joke. Thus roughly 10 percent of London's population now seems to be Muslim, and over half of the children born in that city have at least one parent who is foreign born.

Those figures are pretty rough and ready, with the problem being that the government either refuses to collate accurate figures or will not release them. What the government has done is introduce legislation to outlaw what it calls religious hatred. In other words the regime is trying to keep a lid on a situation that seems to be ready to explode.

Writing of the Missouri Compromise in 1820, the ageing Thomas Jefferson wrote that it seemed "like a fireball in the night," which filled him with dread for the future of his country. Reading the Telegraph's reports, your friendly old Exile feels a similar sense of foreboding.

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10 August 2009
Save Sandbag - leave the harkis to rot!
Meet Sandbag, the pooch who lived with the British army in Basra, Iraq, until the order finally came to abandon the country. A petition was got up to bring both him and his feline mate, Hesco, to the UK, but the government ignored the over 6,000 signatures on the petition and claimed that both cat and dog would have to stay in Iraq.

Funnily enough just two years ago the brave boys of the 101st Fighting Keyboarders also got up a petition to demand that the government bring over to Britain anything up to 20,000 Iraqi collaborators. That petition got just over a thousand signatures, which suggests to this writer that most people quite rightly care more about a dog and cat than they do about thousands of harkis.

However, all is not lost for Sandbag and Hesco, as the Blue Cross animal charity has launched an appeal to pay for their transport to the UK. You can make a donation by clicking on this link, and the nice thing is that if you do donate, then the Blue Cross will send you an e-mail to confirm your donation.

Why is that a nice thing? Think about it -you can forward that e-mail to any number of sad-arsed fucking losers who wanted to bring the Iraqi scabs over to the UK. Just to let 'em know that we really do care about Iraqis, just so long as they are one dog and one cat and not thousands of fucking Quislings who you just know would have jumped to the front of the council house waiting lists had their scabby arses got inside the country.

So donate whatever you can afford and then forward to confirmation e-mail along to some wankers for war. Just to let the tossers know that their defeat is pretty clear and pretty fucking total.


Why watching Muslim Demographics is a good thing

If you watch the above video, called Muslim Demographics, then you will be a part of the over ten million strong audience that has viewed the anti-Islam work since it was first uploaded on the 30th March this year.

The BBC is outraged at that figure and has devoted a page of its website to pointing out the errors that the video contains. In a futile attempt to stop folk from viewing the seven and a half minute epic, no link has been provided to the page where it is stored. Not to worry because your friendly old Exile is more than happy to provide that link. . .

So why are we providing publicity for a right-wing bit of propaganda? Partly because it is damn good propaganda. I doesn't scream at the audience, or preach to the already converted. What it does is go to work on the minds of people who are already leaning in an anti-Muslim way and then reinforce those views. Put simply, this is agitprop at its best.

However, the main reason for dishing out the free publicity is that Muslim Demographics manages to annoy the very people who make your friendly old Exile's piles itch like buggery. Just look at the comments on the BBC's website if you have any doubts. Consider the second one as a case in point: the poor little bitch is seriously outraged that YouTube have not pulled the video on her say-so alone. If you can stomach it, then read the comments at YouTube, but just be careful that you don't vomit at all the middle-class self righteous gittery that is on display.

It is a pity that the left no longer produces work that outrages the boss class's bum suckers in the way that this video does. We used to be able to frighten the fuckers - let's hope that we will do it again.


08 August 2009
Weekending: Flame Wars

Enjoy this seriously funny video with its catchy lyrics and I'll be back on Monday.


07 August 2009
Erin Andrews nude keyhole video:download link
Erin Andrews isn't very well known in the UK, but she is big in America especially amongst sports fans who watch ESPN where she works as a presenter.

She has shot to fame across the globe thanks to a five minute video of her that was shot surreptitiously last month. Thus young Erin has joined the serried ranks of fit young talent whose charms are all over the web.

What are we to make of this? Well, the tits are a little on the small side, but it is nice to see a well-trimmed snapper. Overall, Erin is a firm bit of tottie that should be welcomed to the ranks of internet stardom.

What's that? You want a link so you can see her for yourself? OK, the best place to get the full video is at The Pirate Bay and here be a link to the actual video.


06 August 2009
Polish wage cutters

Let´s have an easy laugh, and the laughs don´t get much easier than the ones provided by the above video. . .

A couple of years ago I had a boozy evening with an Englishman who wrote for the building workers´journal. He reported that the Poles who worked on British building sites were almost impossible to unionise, and that the only thing that got them worked up was hearing mass in their own lingo.

It was reported late last year that as the British economy tanked, the Poles were heading home, only to find that the fucking Ukrainians had nipped in and helped the Polish boss class to cut the wages. You really would need a heart of stone not to laugh at this.

We need to bite the bullet and start to talk about taking control of the supply of labour in Britain, so as to stop the class enemy from importing scabs into the country to cut the wages.

The fact that issues like this that directly effect the working class are not discussed only goes to show just how far the left has moved from its roots over the past few decades.
04 August 2009
Introducing the Birther Movement

If you have never heard of the birthers or their movement then you are in good company because most people hadn´t until about a month ago. As this report explains, the birthers are those Americans who believe that Barack Obama has no right to the presidency because he was actually born in Kenya, and the constitution lays down that the president needs to be born in the USA. On the surface the whole matter sounds ludicrous, and the liberal-left in the USA are doing their usual job of ridiculing the birthers at every opportunity, as the above video shows. Also as usual they are missing the point because there is nothing irrational about this attack on Obama.

The birthers can draw comfort from the Whitewater Scandal that almost cost Bill Clinton the presidency. Remember that the right could not prove that Clinton had done anything illegal in that Arkansas land deal, but once they were all in contact with each other, they began to egg each other on with more and more revelations - revelations that had nothing to do with Whitewater. Thus we got to Monica Lewinsky and her affair with Clinton, and from there to Clinton´s impeachment. The fact that Clinton was found not guilty in his Senate trial is neither here nor there: the right probably takes the view that they will have better luck this time.

Secondly, this is about de-legitimising Obama as president. Most people don´t take all that much of an interest in politics, and are unlikely to get worked up about Obama´s place of birth. That said, a campaign like this might just appeal to the bar room boys who like to chat about this and that when they have their weekly boozy evening together. If that is the case, then bit by bit, the birthers will hope to undermine the majority that elected Obama last year, and help ensure that he is not re-elected.

Finally, a lot of people are making a lot of money out of this wheeze. Take World Net Daily, which is the main birther site as a case in point. The stat porn for that site must be very satisfying to its owners -to say nothing about the advertising revenue that is flooding their way. And let´s not forget all those $17.99s that are flowing in for the video. . . Yup, there is brass too be made out of all this

All in all what we are looking at is an internet sponsored, viral whispering campaign against Obama. It is too early to tell whether it will succeed or not, but one thing is clear and that is that their is nothing irrational about the campaign´s organisers.

Update: The BBC has a question and answer article on the birthers that has just gone live.


03 August 2009
Does urban agriculture really challenge the system?

I must be honest and say that I have had a soft spot for the Dervaes family since the year 2000. That was when they set up a website to support the return of Elian Gonzalez to Cuba, a fight that I strongly supported. The archives of that original Path To Freedom site are still on-line, but the family have not been resting on their laurels ever since Elian returned home. Today, Path To Freedom is devoted to the family´s attempt to lead the green life in suburban Pasadena, California.

Have they succeeded? On one level clearly they have, since the family is pretty self-sufficient as far as food is concerned. However, on the other hand this family are not urban peasants, since they make an income of about U.S.$25,000 a year from the sale of their produce to local restaurants.

In other words the Dervaes family enterprise is basically in a symbiotic relationship with the capitalist economy. It does not challenge that economic system, rather it relies for its success on all those middle class types who want to eat green at upmarket restaurants. If the American economy continues to decline, then there must be some doubt as to just how sustainable the Dervaes model would be, given that people will need to economise.

Now this is not to say that folk shouldn´t grow a row of spuds in their back gardens, or keep a few chickens, since anything that helps to save a bob or two is a good idea.

Just so long as everyone understands that saving money is one thing and doing over the man, and the man´s bum suckers, is quite another.


01 August 2009
Weekending: Geri Halliwell (Spice Girls) Upskirt
Here´s a bit of weekending sleaze for you: Geri Halliwell, formerly of the Spice Girls, seems to be having wardrobe problems. Just click on the photo to see it full-size.

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