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20 July 2009
Naz Sarker or Gimlet Kamm: who is the most clueless?
Did Naz Sarker give "the most hapless political interview of the year"? Iain Dale thinks that he did, but watch the video and decide for yourselves.

What is clear from Dale´s report is that neither of the two main parties looks set to win Reading at the next election, since the Tories are running some chancer named Alok Sharma. This seat looks like a shoo-in for the Liberal-Democrats or the BNP.

Naz Sarker may or may not be completely hapless, but there can be no doubt as to who the most clueless blogger in town is. Step forward Gimlet Kamm, since he´s the short arsed little fucker who can´t even post a YouTube video without fucking things up. If you are using Firefox, click on the link and see how the video screen cuts across Gimlet´s template. In Explorer the template seems to cut into the screen´s border, and God knows what it all looks like in Opera or any other browser.

Someone should tell Gimlet how to edit the screen size, but in the meantime all that we can do is to remind the little maggot that folk who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

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