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29 July 2009
Let´s negotiate with the Taliban says Nu-Labour
The British are preparing to negotiate with elements of the Taliban in Afghanistan, according to reports that are going the rounds. Actions like this were common in the 1960s as the imperial powers played their final cards, but they usually failed largely because everyone realised that the westerners were playing a poor hand out of weakness. All the locals had to do was stand firm and sooner rather than later the imperial power would negotiate its final withdrawal. Once that happened then the nationalist leaders got to stick their paws into the goodies that the state had to offer. It was far better to do that than act as the white man´s coolie, which is what attempts to split the nationalist movement involved then, just as they do today. Besides, it doesn´t take a genius to figure out that the westerners are keen to leave, so doing a deal with them at the expense of the rest of the movement runs the risk that the deal-makers will be left all alone when the withdrawal is made.

The Americans haven´t made any fuss publicly about this wheeze, probably because they are worried that the British will dump Afghanistan into their laps and leave them to fill the vacuum with American troops. So far the American public has supported the war, but there must be grave doubts as to whether they will continue to do so once the casualty rate mounts.

Watching the warmongers twist and turn is good sport, it has to be admitted.Justify Full



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