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22 July 2009
Iran rioting: the web is full of videos

The government of Iran doesn't want people to watch the rioting that has rocked the country over recent weeks, but video clips of it are now flooding the web to provide yet more proof that censoring anything these days is next to impossible.

Watching these clips that first thing that becomes apparent is just how tech-savy the demonstrators seem to be. Consider the above as a case in point. Someone shot the video, and at about the twenty second point another man appears in the frame also grabbing the scene on his mobile ´phone. It is as if almost every demonstrator is also a budding film-maker, something that we are seeing more and more in every third world riot.

The other thing that is apparent is just how relatively few rioters are on the streets. In some clips they clearly number in the thousands, but that is nowhere near the millions who turned out in 1979 to overthrow the Shah. Those westerners who are hoping for a re-run of the events of thirty years ago will probably be in for a disappointment.

We will keep an eye on the situation over in Iran, but on the basis of the video clips that have come down the line, the government in Tehran is in no real danger.



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