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24 July 2009
First the 419 scam, now this lunacy from Ghana
You will all be familiar with the 419 scam, where an e-mail arrives one day offering you a cut in some illegal deal. Quite a lot of people have rather a lot of fun writing to the inbred primitives behind those e-mails, and getting them to do all sorts of daft things.

The latest bit of African nonsense involves girls from Ghana and the Skype internet telephone service. Quite why Ghana has become home to this wheeze is unclear - it may just be that the country has got wired up over recent years. Anyway, what the little darlings are doing is using the Skype messenger service to get in contact with as many westerners as they can. They all seem to be using public internet facilities, hence the inability to make voice calls. However, it does not take many texts before they start the sob story for money.

Girls, here´s a tip: if you introduce yourself as Ruth, say, then it is not a good idea to send out a photo marked Ellen-1.jpg. Simple things like that make the white people suspicious that maybe you are not being entirely honest with them.

Perish the thought. . .

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