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21 July 2009
The end of the Afghan War is near
As far as the UK is concerned, it is now obvious to an increasing majority of people that the war in Afghanistan has become unwinnable. One reason for this is the refusal of the government to increase taxes to normal wartime levels: in other words, the regime has to continue fighting the war on the cheap.

That is not to say that such a tax increase would actually mean that victory is on the horizon, but it would mean that the looming disaster could at least be postponed for a few more years. Time at least, to hand off the problem to a regime in Kabul that might be able to hang on for a few months after the western withdrawal has been completed, thus to save a few faces in London and Washington.

The problem is that the Nu-Labour government cannot even think about raising taxes because if the electorate even sniffed at such an idea, then the governments rating would fall from the floor into the basement.

How the war will actually end is still impossible to say, but what is clear from recent events is that imperialism has shot its bolt and everyone is now just waiting for the final withdrawal orders to be issued.



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