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19 January 2009
New benefit changes will screw the middle class
As the middle class recession bites deeper the people who are currently losing their jobs are about to find that the system that was sold to them as being tough on the work-shy is now going to give them a right hard shagging.

The point is that unemployment pay, the dole as it is still popularly called or Job Seekers' Allowance as NuLab rebranded it, used to be paid for a year, but was reduced to six months by NuLab as part of a smoke and mirrors exercise. Basically the government wanted to show to its middle class supporters just how hard it was screwing down on benefit claimants, which is why it gloated about cutting the period during which a claim to be made to just six months.

What it didn't tell all those aspirational types with their Ford Mondeos and large mortgages was that when the dole ends another benefit kicks in. That one is confusingly called job seekers allowance, non-contributory, but is often referred to by its old name of income support or the social - are you paying attention at the back? I might give you an exam on all this later in the week.

Now then, the difference between the dole and the social is neither here nor there to most traditional claimants, but middle class scrotes need to be aware that the latter is means tested. If you have a spouse who is working or savings over a certain amount then you can forget the social. Don't think that you can spend your whacking great redundancy payment to get the mortgage down, either, because the Tories stopped that wheeze years ago. That's right, the system will treat you as if you still had the money, and only when the money has gone will the social kick in.

Now do you see why this is smoke and mirrors? This basically NuLab system was set up on the assumption that the middle class would never need the social so it was all right to pander to their prejudices by screwing down the type of claimants who didn't actually exist at that time. However, what those changes meant was that if your middle class dogshit ever did lose their jobs then the system would do them over good and proper. On the other hand that was never going to happen because Gordon Brown had cured the economic cycle and made sure that only the working class were unemployed.

You have to admit that there is something rather entertaining about all this. Here is a system that was sold to middle class types as being the one that would screw the workers is now doing exactly that to the the scum who voted for it.



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