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14 January 2009
How to buy a wife
Marcelino de Jesus Martinez needed the money and Margarito de Jesus Galindo was wife hunting so Marcelino sold his 14 year old daughter to Margarito. The agreed price was $16,000 in American dollars, 150 cases of beer, 150 of soft drinks, six of meat and two of wine. Everything went well until Margarito reneged on his payments but kept the girl, whereupon Marcelino went to the cops in California where everyone seems to have been a-wetbacking. When they had stopped laughing at his bovine stupidity, the plods arrested Marcelino for all sorts of things and issued a statement saying: "Some things are legal in Mexico and not legal here."

O-Kay, so what can we say about Marcelino and Margarito? Well, we can tell that they are inbred primitives from their names, which are the Spanish versions of Billy Ray and like names from up in the USA. Margarito is almost certainly an American Indian because only they can name a son with a girl's name and just change the final "A" into an "O".

The American cops don't seem to think that any laws would have been broken had all this happened in the participants' home state of Oaxaca, and they are probably correct in that assumption. The girl is 14 which means that she is over the age of consent. The age varies from state to state, as it does in the USA come to think of it, but in Mexico it is usually placed at either puberty or 12, with some states having a whichever comes first law. There is a higher age that is usually 18, but to claim under it a girl or her family have to argue that she was a decent girl from a respectable family and was seduced in some way, usually with a promise of marriage that never took place.

What lesson can we learn from this idiocy? Obviously, if you buy yourself an awfully wedded wife then make sure that you keep up the payments to her father.



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