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05 January 2009
Has Israel already lost her Gaza war?
Henry Kissinger is once reported to have said that the guerrillas win by not losing and the conventional force loses by not winning. In that sense the Palestinians have already won this round of their liberation war as in spite of everything that was thrown at them from the air they are still on their feet and fighting back.

Not only that, but they are now forcing the Israelis to fight the type of war that no westerner wants to fight. The Israelis wanted to batter the natives into submission from the air, but after a week it became clear that the more the Israelis bombed, the more rockets that the Palestinians let fly, and then the ground troops had to be sent in. Remember that this is about the white men teaching the natives, the kaffirs, the wogs to know their place. Israel could not call off the operation when the Palestinians were still fighting back because then it would have been obvious that the natives had not learned their lesson.

By forcing the westerners to go in on the ground the Palestinians have seized the initiative in this conflict. Now the defenders can choose how and when to attack the lumbering armoured columns that are snaking their way through the narrow Gaza streets. Not only that, but those same defenders don't have to cull all that many westerners - but they do have to make sure that the ones that they do cull, to say nothing of their own casualties, are videoed. That video then has to be seen on the world's TV screens as quickly as possible.

Finally, support for Palestine is growing throughout the world. The longer this conflict continues the louder will become the clamour for sanctions against the western created shithole that squats between the River Jordan and the Mediterranean Sea.

The Israelis know this and are caught in a bind by it. The only way to subjugate the locals is to use the methods of extermination and ethnic expulsion that earlier westerners used to seize the USA. They don't have time for that because the longer they remain in Gaza to greater will come the clamour for sanctions against their shithole in the rest of the world.

Thus they will leave, and as the last of their tanks pulls out, a Palestinian rocket will fly through the air to smash into some Israeli target. That is what Kissinger meant when he said that the guerrilla wins by not losing.

The guerilla only "wins" in your febrile imagination, Ken.

For the host population who suffers because of the futile terrorist antics, the guerilla loses, big time.

That's the the last guerilla force that "won" against Israel -- Hezbollah -- hasn't dared attack Israel since Lebanon was turned into a rubble pile in 2006. The Lebanese will not give them permission to do so, for fear of another "victory" like last time. Hamas and the Palestinians are learning the same lesson today.

5 January 2009 at 22:19  

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