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20 January 2009
As Obama enters office the left must bide its time

We have had it easy for the past eight years as possibly the stupidest president in living memory made anti-Americanism easy. However we must not forget how lucky we were, especially in the wake of the 11th September 2001 attacks when just about any other president would have taken the sympathy that the world extended to the USA and used it to further America's interests. Having George the Chimp truly was a gift from the gods, but now that he has gone expectations of the Obama Presidency are so high that the only way they can go is down.

Quite how Obama will be brought to earth is anyone's guess. Vera Baker, pictured left, was alleged to have been one of Obama's knob shiners, but the story never really took off. However, persistent rumours have it that Obama is a swordsman of JFK proportions, and if that is the case then a sex scandal is just waiting to happen. Certainly a lot of Americans will be sniffing around for any hint of extra-curricular shagging, and readers can rest assured that the friendly old Exile will publish whatever turns up, especially if it involves a bit of talent that is as tasty as Vera Baker.

However, the odd leg-over is not going to do all that much damage to Obama's reputation. What is almost certain to damage it would be a failure to live up to the expectations of his supporters. The fact that nobody really knows what Obama stands for is actually a bonus because so many people have projected so many dreams onto the man that if he does turn out to be an empty suit then their disenchantment will be all the greater.

For the left this is a time of retrenchment. There is nothing that we can hope to achieve until the reaction against Obama kicks in. When it does then we can start to argue the case for getting Britain out of NATO and the Americans out of Britain, but until that happens we are simply wasting our breath.

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