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29 February 2008
Tip: an account of a childhood in care
I've had an e-mail from a lady who uses the pen name Zoompad. She is the authoress of Tip, a thinly novelised account of a childhood spent under the thumb of social work filth. Now I have not read this book, but it is getting some decent reviews over at Amazon, so let's give both Tip and Zoompad a free plug.


28 February 2008
Blog Announcement
I will be away for a few weeks starting on Friday. In the past the blog was suspended during my trips away, but I want to avoid doing that this time. When you spend long hours building up a readership only to lose it due to an inability to post it becomes disheartening. On the other hand, posting on the move is not the easiest thing in the world to do.

What I will do is reduce The Exile to a limited number of postings a week. I will aim to update on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, but that really depends on the availability of a computer.

Sorry, folks, but my state of health has deteriorated to such an extent that I need to see a specialist and arrange to go into hospital yet again. Much as I love the blog, that has to come first.

Wish me luck!
26 February 2008
Still trying to save the harkis
We haven't had a laugh at those who want to save the Iraqi harkis for quite some time; largely because the buggers haven't been doing very much to actually save the said harkis. Dan Hardie is the main loud-mouth in all this, but the last time he blogged anything was back on the 12th December. Until yesterday that is...

What's new on the harkie front? Not a lot actually. Just the same old whine that the government isn't doing enough to save these arse-licking scabs from retribution.

Actually, the government isn't doing anything at all to save them as far as I can tell. This is as it should be. The last thing that any government minister wants is an Iraqi scab wandering around Westminster reminding everyone of just how total imperialism's defeat has been in the south.


25 February 2008
Why are the social work filth so loathsome?
Last month I wrote about my experiences with the social work filth and commented that:
There is something about middle class vermin that forces them to believe that their work has a utility and meaning above and beyond the money. Don't ask me to explain it but this sense of self worth is very, very fragile.
A friend of mine who blogs over at No Surrender has this to say by way of explanation:
...the horrible way in which people just off the bottom rung of society treat those they consider beneath them. That of course was how the Nazis worked; picking up all the people who had made a tiny bit of social progress and giving them full licence to dump on those below them (as P J O’Rourke said, the beauty of well-organised fascism is that it gives every piss-ant an ant-hill to piss from).
Rather a nice paragraph, I feel, and one that sums up the world of the lower-middle-class cockroach rather well.


22 February 2008
Serbs torch American embassy

It's been quite a long time since anyone torched an American embassy, so all credit to the people of Belgrade for their efforts last night. They only managed to destroy the visa section, which means that there is plenty left that can go up in flames next time.

While the crowd was doing its thing the police were off on their tea break or something. This has led the Americans to claim that they will hold Serbia responsible. How, pray, are they going to do that? With an army that is bogged down in both Iraq and Afghanistan there is nothing that the USA can do other than rage impotently.

What's the betting that the next flashpoint will be within Kosovo itself? Not a war, but one step below that level. Riots, demonstrations and lots and lots of rocks and petrol bombs tossed in the direction of the occupiers. That kind of thing.

If the occupiers overreact and Serbs get injured or killed, that will increase the pressure on Russia to do something to aid Serbia. If the situation remains at simmering point then the westerners will eventually realise that no solution is possible and that they will have to remain their forever.

As the American recession bites deeper, with no end in sight to the wars that the USA is already waging, the possibility looms that Washington may hand off the problem of occupied Serbia to the European Union.

Quite what will happen then is anyone's guess, but a settlement on Serbia's terms will have moved a large step forward.

Update: You really need to read Svetlana's account of all this, and her caustic comments on the American protest. As she says, "Serbia is just getting warmed up".
21 February 2008
How the social work industry keeps control
On the surface the case of Donna Morrell and Bonita, her baby daughter, seems like a victory for common sense over social work stupidity. However, that is only on the surface.

Donna took baby Belinda to hospital last Christmas Eve because she would not stop crying. In spite of being discharged by the doctors on duty, various social work scum then tried to stop Donna and her father from taking the baby home. When they defied the wishes of the all-powerful social workers the police were sent to their house and the baby ended up back in hospital for four days. Donna and her parents ended up getting arrested and accused of mistreating the baby.

Finally, once everyone but the Morrell family had finished enjoying their Christmas, the doctors declared that that baby had been well treated and the police concluded that there was no case to answer.

However, that is not enough for these social work vermin. They have decided that poor baby Belinda needs her very own lump of social work shit who will call regularly at the house to make sure that the Morrell family understands who is in charge.

Situations like this are now common in Britain. They will remain so until such time as the people decide that they have had enough of fat, lumpen, social work maggots who want to control their lives.


20 February 2008
Serbian response to Kosovo beomes clearer
Good news out of Serbia - the Serbs have burned two Kosovo border posts and followed this up by sending up to 1,000 police into the breakaway province's border area. The reaction from the western powers who have troops in Kosovo has been one of surprise that the Serbs could do such a thing.

If the Serbs get away with this then they will probably be able to grab the chunk of Kosovo that runs up to the River Ibar. If the western troops are sent in to clear them out, then the Serbs will probably vanish back across the border to wait for another opportunity.

The only thing that is clear at the moment is that Serbia has decided to play a long game of cat and mouse with the west to force them to keep large number of troops deployed in Kosovo for years to come.

I am not a gambling man, but if I was, I would bet that the west will lose interest in this game before the Serbs.
19 February 2008
One victory in the war against social work filth
Good news in the war against the social work filth: Nottingham taxpayers are going to have to fork out damages to the mother of a new born infant who was illegally seized by the social work vermin just over a week ago.

As we reported at the time, the filth then found a compliant judge who gave them an interim order to seize the innocent, and the mother is still only allowed to hold, feed and caress her baby with permission of the two-legged cockroaches that pollute the air that decent people have to breath.

Nevertheless, a small victory has been won. The fightback is starting to take shape and the social work filth will soon start to feel the heat.


18 February 2008
Kosovo: what may the future hold?

As Kosovo declared its independence yesterday, reaction from Serbia and Russia has been muted. It looks as if Serbia has embarked upon a long game, one that will drag on for decades. The Serbs are ideally suited to that strategy having survived all the other empires that have crossed their territory over the previous few millennia.

In the short and medium terms, as the above video makes clear, their aim is to deny Kosovo any legitimacy whatsoever and continue to govern the two areas of the breakaway province that have large Serb majorities. If the Albanian drug dealers want to try and take those regions, then the onus of starting any conflict will clearly be on their shoulders.

That said, and assuming that war doesn't break out immediately, two things are rather clear:

The first is that the Albanians will probably ethnically cleanse those parts of Kosovo that they fully control of their Serb and Gypsy populations whilst Serbia will remain a multi-ethnic polity. What this means is that we will get to say "we told you so" to the various types that are supporting this clear breach of international convention.

The second factor is that no matter how Washington and Brussels tries to spin this away as a special case, a precedent has been set. Secessionist groups, based on language or ethnicity, have suddenly been given a rather large boost. The USA has a large Hispanic population in its South and West. The dream of a New Aztlan is little more than an internet fantasy at the moment, but it could become real with a bit of outside help. Russia, once her economy fully recovers from the catastrophe that was the collapse of the USSR, may just decide that a bit of limited help might be in her interests.

Of course this ignores all the other secessionist groups that the rest of the world is already having to handle. The idea that they are not going to be emboldened by yesterday's events is too ludicrous for words.

Capitalism needs tranquillity for its future growth, but what it has got is a recipe for international chaos. We as socialists need to remember that out of chaos comes opportunity, and we need to be ready to take advantage of whatever opportunity arises as Kosovo's drug-dealers and whores start to kill off the Serb population.

All of this is rather tough on the Serbs, who did not ask to stand in the front line against globalised capitalism. Neither for that matter did the Iraqis, but they seem to have risen manfully to the challenge. We can expect no less from the nation that told both Austria-Hungary and then Germany to go and take a flying fuck last century.

Бог защищает Сербию
God Defend Serbia
15 February 2008
Do not adopt Crystal Walton!
I can't post the photograph of little Crystal Walton because it breaks my heart to look at it, but here is the link. Crystal is the daughter of Ian and Sarah Walton who live in London. Their baby has been snatched by social work filth and is now being advertised like a New Year's bargain offer in the tabloid press. The Walton's have been presented by the courts with a gagging order, which is itself secret.

However, they are fighting back. The order putting their baby up for sale can be read here. The crystalwalton.com website is hosted in the USA and there is fuck all that anyone can do to take it down. Look at it and then look at the video of little Crystal, if your heart can take it and your eyes don't fill up with tears.

Ian and Sarah have a blog and an American website has devoted space to their cause. Please click over there and show your support. Ian has also produced a ribbon-banner which you can see on the top right of my blog. Click on it to go to his website.

Please, if you are a blogger, take that banner from this link and run it at your own site. There is a child that has been taken from her mummie and daddie by creatures of the night, creatures that do not deserve the name human. These creatures have an existence below that of the sewer rats and the maggots that feed off corpses. They are the evil ones, the social work filth.

They must be destroyed.


14 February 2008
Valentine's Day Card
Happy Valentine's Day, folks. Feel free to send this greeting to the lady of your choice.

Don't forget to mention The Exile to really make her day special.
Convictions overturned: what will the wankblogs say?
In July of last year the main British wankblog, Harry's Place, shot its load over the conviction of five young men on terrorism charges. Click on the link and read the old wank - it really is a laugh and a half as various types all seek to outdo one another in the comments boxes with their one-handed typing.

Guess what? All five of those young men have now had their convictions overturned on appeal. Sorry losers, but they just fucking well have.

This means that they can now sue the shit out of the government.
13 February 2008
Vanessa Brookes & Fran Lyon: how to take on the social work filth
Following on from last night's posting, I see that British people are actually using new technology to good agitprop ends. I really should check these things out before I sound off, shouldn't I?

Sound recordings are easy to make and even easier to pass around. Vanessa Brookes is a blind woman who managed it, so if she can, there's no excuse for the rest of us to fail, is there?

Vanessa must have seemed like an easy mark for the social work filth. They had already managed to kidnap two of her children, so when she became pregnant again, Calderdale Council's filth must have thought that here was an easy grab.

However, Vanessa turned up at the meeting with the filth clutching a sound recorder and was able to secretly tape the sadistic, monotone voice of a genuine lump of social work filth as it taunted her with its plans for her child's future.

She made only one mistake: she uploaded the file to You Tube, and as we have already seen, that company will censor anything at the drop of a hat. Sure enough, the middle class maggots who serve as councillors were only too pleased to defend the middle class cockroaches in the social work industry and complain on their behalf to You Tube, who then pulled the video.

Not that it did them any good because it is now all around the fucking web: download it here in .wmv format or you can get it here as an .avi.

Not much is being written now about Vanessa. All we know is that shortly after her baby was born she vanished. We wish her well and hope that she stays hidden.

We know a lot more about the beautiful Fran Lyon because she started to use the media in a much more effective way. Not only that but she left the UK before her baby was born so the social work filth were unable to gag her - that is probably why even You Tube haven't censored her supporters.

Fran's use of the media started early on in her pregnancy when she involved both the Daily Telegraph and Daily Mail in her plight. At that time she appeared to be the voice of sweet reason itself, a good strategy, and one that brought her yet more media attention.

It didn't work and the social work filth were still determined to seize the child, so Fran left for a destination in Europe. From her place of refuge she now pores scorn on the filth that once she had to try and butter-up, and that same filth are trying to entice her back to the UK with all sorts of promises that this writer doesn't believe for a moment that they will keep. They have to get Fran and her daughter Molly back, otherwise other people may become defiant as well.

That said, the lack of a gagging order means that the videos are coming out thick and fast. People are getting the message that the social work filth can be taken on and beaten.

The agitprop value of what Vanessa Brookes did cannot be overestimated, hoever it did not force the creatures who had so tormented her into backing off. A better strategy was needed, and that is where Fran Lyon came in. By leaving the UK before her child was born she ensured that her cause continues to be debated today.


12 February 2008
Why are we not using new technology?
Yet more Al-Qaida videos are now available to download and play on mobile telephones. Big deal you may think, but this is yet more evidence that the Third World is ahead of the First when it comes to the latest agitprop techniques.

This is something that has irritated me for quite some time. The British working class has even easier access to all this technology, and it is a technology that they already use to pass 'phone clips around. So when are community groups and political parties going to take it up? That was the question that I asked back in July of last year and I am still waiting for an answer.

Are we really so bovine as a class that we cannot see opportunities when they jump out in front of us?


11 February 2008
A change to the blog
I've made one change to the blog's template. If you look at the "Worth Reading Again" link you will see that it now connects to themes, rather than individual postings.

Why did I do this? Dunno, just felt like it.
Social work filth force mother and child into exile
I have never blogged about a hero and heroine before, but I am doing it now. I don't know their names or where they used to live. All I know is that the heroine is a mother to two children who now lives in exile abroad. Her husband is the father to a daughter that he has never seen and he gave up his liberty for his step-son. As I write he is serving a a 16 month term of imprisonment. This is their story...

The operation was planned with military precision. It had to be as the social work filth were planning to force a mother to give up her eight-year-old son to a forced adoption. Time was of the essence because the mother, then pregnant with her second child, had been told by the filth that this new life would be seized the moment it emerged from her womb.

Pregnant as she was, the brave woman crept to her son's school and told him of the plan; she whispered it into his ear through the playground fence. The boy, who was a valiant as you might expect given the genes that he had inherited from his magnificent mother, kept quiet and crept quietly from the foster home were the social work filth had placed him against his mother's wishes.

This is where the husband comes into our story. He had a car waiting outside and he drove hell for leather to Paris. Leaving his family there he returned to face the music in England.

At his trial for daring to question the authority of the filth, the judge pontificated that: "Such proceedings taken by a local authority must be respected by parents".

There we have it: as this blog has said many times before, this is about power; about subjugation; about forcing people to obey the edicts of the all powerful social work filth.

However, have they overreached themselves this time? The reason I ask is that this is not a poor family living on a council estate. The husband is a businessman and his wife was described in the Daily Telegraph's report as "a professional". The Telegraph is usually pretty careful with its language, and probably wouldn't use that concept to describe a schoolteacher, council manageress or similar pathetic lower-middle-class creature grasping for status. The wife is likely to be a true professional, a doctor, lawyer or university don. What that means is that both she and her husband are probably going to be the very articulate type of people that newspapers and television most enjoy interviewing.

Will this couple act as the symbol? Will the husband write letters from his prison cell and hang the consequences? Will his wife be calling press conferences from wherever her place of refuge is? Actions like that are what we need if popular outrage is to be thoroughly awakened. That said, and given everything that has happened to this couple, we cannot expect too much from them.

However, we can hope.

Update, 4.30am:

The mother has been in touch with the Daily Mail to report on her life as an exile. Her daughter was born in November of last year and since then the mother and her two children have been changing addresses somewhere in Europe every two weeks. If caught and returned to the UK she faces seven years in jail for her defiance: people, this lady needs help.


08 February 2008
Another stripping stewardess (almost)
What do we have here? Another tasty bit of airline talent. This nice young (semi) stripping stewardess is called Ellen Simonetti and she was fired by Delta Airlines back in 2004 for having photos like this taken when she was in her uniform. Maybe she should have taken it off first?

Since that unhappy incident occurred, the six foot Texan has written a book about her experiences with Delta and at the time of writing she seems to be whooping it up in France. Has she met Stephanie, the genuine stripping stewardess? We await further news with baited breath.

You want to see some more of Ellen? Here you go:

Donate to keep the blog going & the sleaze flowing!


Why the socialist press is unread
When, if ever, will a left press start to get readers? That's the question that Dave's Part asked recently, and your friendly Exile thinks that the answer is never - at least not so long as the left press remains in the hands of boring buggers.

The first problem that the left has is that it tries to preach to people. The Morning Star and Socialist Worker are not in the business of providing news from a working class perspective. What they try to do is present news that they think the working class needs, the aim being to then recruit members to the cause. Unfortunately for them, ordinary people don't want to be preached to by some loon in grannie glasses and a Mao hat, and that is the first reason why the left press loses out to the right.

Secondly, far too much of the socialist press - and socialists in general - take an attitude of po-faced morality to their politics. They want to make the world over again and their socialism has roots in that morality. Working class people just simply want more money for less bastard work, and a healthy degree of control over the work process. This inability to stop moralising about issues that ordinary people are indifferent to means that fewer and fewer people regard socialism as having any relevance to them.

Finally, and here is the rub, most people are not interested in politics. They are interested in sleaze and sport, and if anyone doubts that all they have to do is consider the circulation figures for the various papers.

The trick for any socialist is to give the readers what they want and then slip in a bit of the politics by the back door. The other option, of course, is to continue along the familiar path and only preach to the already converted.

The first option is the one that I have chosen for The Exile. Thanks to the lovely Stephanie I am getting more readers than ever before. Most will only be interested in her - and who can blame them?- but some will stick around and read other things.

That is also why I have been posting a lot on the social work filth and their activities. Working class people just happen to hate them, so here is a chance to make the connection between a parasitic middle class that acts as our colonial rulers, and the world that we now have to endure.

Will the socialist press follow my lead? Almost certainly not and that is why the socialist press will remain unread.


07 February 2008
Iraq occupation is a laugh a minute
I know what you lot are all thinking, but stop for a moment. If you can't have a laugh and a joke when you are subjugating a country, when can you? Neither of the two kids seems all that happy, but a spot of water boarding will soon cure them of any dangerous ideas that they might have had about revenge.
Normal service is now resumed
Regular readers of The Exile may have wondered what exactly has been going on over the past few days. The quick answer is that I have been having the time of my life with over 2,500 hits between Monday and Wednesday inclusive.

Normal service is now resumed, until the next time...
06 February 2008
I don't think that this bird likes Stephanie, the stripping stewardess
So I went trotting around the world o' blogs to see how the competition was handling the Stephanie story when I found this site, run by a woman who lives over the brush with a pilot. I was rather amused with the hysterical screed that she had posted, but contented myself with a fairly brief comment of my own before leaving.

I had quite forgotten the blog's existence until I fell out of bed the next afternoon to find a mail that had the signature "Paretner (sic) of A Pilot" in my in-box. Needless to say, Paretner was also that blog's owner:
You seem to be confused. I don't care about Stephanie or her career. I am concerned about the careers of the pilots. These men work hard for YEARS and accumillate (sic) debts of at least £60,000 to get a career in flying before they've even started. This man if found will lose his job and no airline will employ him thereafter unless he is unrecogniseable (sic) facially.
What can I say? Sixty thousand quid and all he can get is some bimbo who can't spell. Not only that but she can't create an argument. First she posited that the pilot would lose his job, but then she went on to say that if the airline still existed "there would have been hell to pay".

Yes, dear, but the whole point is that it doesn't, does it? She there won't be anything to pay.

Not that there would have been, anyway. The other day a hostess lost a bet with her pilot and paid the forfeit by running through part of the terminal in her no doubt expensive underwear. These things do happen, don't they? Especially after long-haul flights when everyone is tired and wants to relax. I imagine that invitations to the pilot's hotel suite are much desired by nice young girls who are half his age...

I also suspect that this is the reason for Paretner's angst. Especially since she is not married to him and has no protection under law should he ever get bored with her.

Not that he will of course. Perish the thought...


Online casino at joylandcasino.com
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04 February 2008
French air stewardess strips in second video!

Click on the arrow to watch the air stewardess stripping.

Stephanie, the stripping air stewardess that everyone is talking about has been at it again - showing her twin engined rig to another set of pilots! She also lets us see her undercarriage whilst a pilot gives it a manual inspection.

She worked as an air hostess for the French airline AOM. Sadly it has now gone bust, but let's hope that the same cannot be said of the magnificent Stephanie, the air hostess with the mostest.

Rumours that Air France have offered her a job as an air stewardess are as yet unconfirmed, and nobody has managed to track down her whereabouts.

Stephanie: come forward - we all love you!

Click this link for her first video.


Social work filth kidnap another child
The baby was just two hours old when social work filth kidnapped him. He was dragged from his mother's arms at 4.00am and spirited away by these creatures, these vampires who do their work in dead of night. Luckily the mother had retained council in anticipation of this vileness being performed and her lawyer immediately obtained a high court injunction that returned the new born to his mother. Mr Justice Munby ruled that the social work filth "should have known better" than to seize a child without any court order at all.

However, nobody must challenge the authority of the social work filth: the filth gives the orders and woe betide anyone who dares to challenge their power. They scrambled to a country court and found a judge who would return the baby to their loathsome clutches.

The filth have now said that they will "continue to prioritise the baby's welfare and continuing support for his mother". Translated into simple English the filth now wish to run the mother's life for her as well as her baby's. How else are we to read this insolent guff from what is nothing more than a coven of lower middle-class polytechnic scum?

The mother has been promised a decision later in the year, and her lawyers are working on her behalf, so the filth may not achieve a final victory. However, in the meantime the social work filth who were involved in this atrocity will be able to sit back and congratulate each other. For the moment defiance has been crushed. Obedience enforced. All power to the social work filth.

Cheers to Anonymous at this posting for the tip. Readers should also consider the comments left at this Daily Telegraph account.


Blog comments: another excuse to laugh at Gimlet
Here's a rum do: I partially justified my open door comments policy on Friday by saying that it meant that I could look down on the webmongs who don't allow any comments at their gaffs.

Bang on cue up popped the most risible webmong of all, that short-arsed little fucker known as Gimlet Kamm, to announce that he would allow comments at his blog. Amazing coincidence, don't you think?

Will I be taking advantage of this exciting opportunity to spread the word? Probably not, because running two blogs of my own takes up enough time as it is. Entertaining myself at the expense of Gimletish webmongs was something that I used to enjoy doing over at Harry's Place, but I really can't be mithered these days.

Staying on the theme of comments, it will be noticed that Team Gimlet are no longer commenting here. Usually whenever I mentioned the poisonous dwarf at least one of his creatures would arrive, all waggy tailed, to defend the odious cockroach.

Last week we had two or three of them, using different monickers of course, but since I managed to get on Luke's trail there seems to have been a collective clenching of sphincters and they all appear to have wandered off.

It would be nice if Gimlet et al would copy another of my policies which is to only use one monicker. The fact that they don't gives me another reason to laugh at them.


03 February 2008
Air Stewardess Strips

Shot aboard a Bare France jet, watch a tasty young air stewardess stripping. She lifts her skirt to reveal a fully prepared undercarriage and then the pilot takes his hand off his joystick to perform a full cockpit inspection.

The Exile: giving up his weekend to give you the sleaze that you know you enjoy.

Update: Her name is Stephanie and she has a new and even better video out.


01 February 2008
An anonymong sort of week
The blog seems to have been receiving quite a few visits from the anonymong fraternity over the past few days. Actually, we have had a stream of comments from just one or two people, but we'll get back to that in a moment. Right now let's consider that this mongish behaviour has led to the following plea from David Lindsay, who at least has the decency to only use one screen name:
Do you really have to leave these comments up, The Exile? This is the sort of criminal harassment to which they subjected Neil, although that doesn't seem to have taught them anything.
David made a fair point, but the answer is no. Partly because I don't like censorship, partly also because it means that I can look down from an even greater height on the webmongs who refuse to allow any comments at all on their wankblogs.

The main reason, though, is so that I can have a look and see who is leaving the old wank. In the case of comment six to this posting, the wank seems to have trickled forth from some two-legged cockroach in fucking Cheltenham. I mean, we are talking real arse-wipe territory when we talk about Cheltenham, aren't we? As for the the other postings, the ones that David Lindsay complained about, most come from one ISP in the City of London. We do have a couple of others who may be involved, from sewers like Chelmsford and the like.

So, we have two creatures, both prime examples of the human filth that socialism exist to destroy, giving it gob. Fine... It's not Luke who also calls himself William McB and who works at Napier "University". Luke enjoys wank like this and that is why he likes to go over to HP and leave comments under my monicker and URL. I don't know exactly who Luke is yet, but I've got mates in Edinburgh and they are sniffing around for me. When I get the information then I will go public with it. The student rag will love it, but I'll bet that Luke won't.

As for City boy... That's Gimlet or one of his fucking creatures.It doesn't matter which because Gimlet's in line for some more grief from me.

This brings me to my final reason for leaving these comments where they are. There is only one thing nicer than a good fuck, and that is fucking with cunts like this.