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21 December 2008
Zimbabwean Christmas Appeal

As Zimbabwe slides into the abyss, giving money to the Independent on Sunday's Christmas appeal is nowhere near as exciting as calling for an invasion of the country, but it is more likely to actually do some good.

As you can see from the video, there is a new life-saver around called Plumpynut, which is a fortified peanut butter that has been developed by the French and which seems to work wonders.

If you can afford it, please donate a few quid to help youngsters like Nobel and his siblings, or Thandi and her mother.

Come on - it's Christmas time.



Wouldn´t it just have been better for all concerned to have supported the British ímperialists´in Rhodesia when we had the chance? No doubt you celebrated their defeat at the time and what we are seeing now is just the inevitable outcome of that defeat? ... oh, yeah, that would mean living with the consequences of your actions, wouldn´t it, and you guys have never been very good at that.

21 December 2008 at 13:38  

And have gone down to another defeat - something that webmongs like you seem to love. For the record the African population 30 years ago was just over six million. The Europeans had 250,000. Even for Tories like Carrington the numbers did not add up.

As for me, I opposed the Lancaster House Agreement on the principle that if it succeeded the tossers would not get stuck in the cooking pot and slow boiled. A generation later they did, so I should coco today.

What is all this "living with the consequences" shit of yours? I am happy to say that I played a very small role in scraping shit off the heel. I must be honest and say that what happened to Zim post 1980 is not something that I ever really cared about.

By the way, why are you not using your Mexican proxy today?

21 December 2008 at 17:32  

You claim that you don´t care what happened to Zim after 1980 is self-evidently contradicted by your appeal for donations to the same country today. In other words, while you were quite happy to see the whites removed from power you have a hard time reconciling this wish with the famine, disease and destruction it inevitably brought about. That´s what I mean about your difficulty in ´living with the consequences´.

So, going back to the original question - Wouldn´t it just have been better for all concerned to have supported the British ímperialists´in Rhodesia when we had the chance? Funnily enough, many Zimbabweans seem to think so to judge by several recent press reports. Quotes like ít was better when the British were here´ & át least you didn´t starve then´are becoming all too common.

And what´s all this ´Mexican proxy´ shit anyway? More deluded rantings?

21 December 2008 at 18:09  

One posting does not concern make - it just makes one posting. This one was written partly as a jibe to the webmongs who want war with Zimbabwe, partly because it was easy to write.

Why repeat a question that I had already answered? The fucktard approach doesn't work with me. As I explained earlier, even assuming that Good Old Smithie was your cup of tea, he was a loser who was going nowhere.

You did use a proxy based in Northern Mexico. I have a feeling - just a feeling - that you first arrived here via that spaz Manic's blog. If my hunch is correct, and if you know the little weirdo, ask him how the campaign to save the Iraqi Quislings is coming along?

21 December 2008 at 18:40  

I´ll bet it was an easy post to write, requiring little if any intellectual thought, no historical or geographical context and no apparent appreciation of cause and effect. Pretty much sums up most of your posts.

By the way, just what is the ´fucktard approach´? And while you´re at it, perhaps you´d care to explain all that stuff about proxies in Northern Mexico?

21 December 2008 at 19:11  

As far as Zim is concerned, this posting pretty much explained what would happen in the event of an invasion. If you want to know why the opposition is so crap here's the answer. Why I don't care all that much about Zim today can be found here, my little fucktard.

The fucktard approach is the approach of a fucking retard! Like asking the same question twice...

21 December 2008 at 19:59  

Well, forgive me for not having read all of your rantings since time immemorial. I have to admit that they do clarify matters somewhat and in a way I´m grateful to you. Your honesty confirms all that I ever suspected about the left. Theirs is the creed of nihilistic, spite-filled losers who´d rather bring the whole world down to their level of misery than do anything to improve their own lot, no matter what the cost to those they claim to represent or support. What a shower of shit you all are!

21 December 2008 at 20:15  

Spite filled losers? We are hardly the ones who are going to see our houses repossessed when we can't keep up our mortgages, are we?

I do want to improve my people's lot, mon fucktard, but it cannot be done so long as scum are consuming the resources.

Reads The last Summer. That is the way things were when you knew your place. Life was good...

21 December 2008 at 20:40  

That it then? Can we get back to the good stuff now or are the big girls still going at it?

Come on Exile who cares about all this. Bring on the upskirts!

21 December 2008 at 23:43  

I'm bored with upskirts, but I know how popular they are so I might just let a few more out over the coming weeks.

What I reckon will be the new winner are amateur videos that suddenly see the light of day when one of the participants falls out with the other. Take the posting above this one as a case in point.

22 December 2008 at 05:45  

When you say that you ´don´t care all that much about Zim´ and that your only interest in overthrowing the whites there was to undermine ´the morale of the class enemy at home´, you imply that you really don´t care about the working class struggle beyond the UK´s borders. Fair enough, but doesn´t that make you a ... what´s the term ... National Socialist? If not, then why not?

29 December 2008 at 23:43  

Yeah, the world of the ragged trousered philanthropist has never been mine. Let's worry about everyone but ourselves and live in shit forever 'cos we are too busy thinking about life on the other side of the planet.

Actually of course this is the creed of the middle class wanker who has bum sucked his way into a cushy number but wants to be seen as right on and radical. Scream about the third world 'cos posturing let's you forget that you haven't got the balls to fight the boss at home. How sad it is not to have the balls needed for the ruck...

You emerged at about the time that I was having words with that mong over at Bloggerheads - any connection to the little poof?

30 December 2008 at 03:30  

Glad we´ve cleared that one up, then. Maybe you should start a new political party and call it ... oh, I don´t know ... maybe the ´National Socialist Workers´Party´, or some such? It´s got a certain ring to it.

As to the ´little poof´ - no, no connection whatsoever. Nor any with that ´spaz manic´.

30 December 2008 at 15:33  

The trick to being a successful troll is that you don't behave like a complete mong, just half a one. That way folk are left wondering if you are really a troll or just a bit mongish? However, by making little trolly points as you do and ignoring my answers you announce your troll status and advertise yourself as a right mong to boot.

Not good is it boy?

30 December 2008 at 21:12  

Luckily I have no desire to be a successful troll - I don´t even know what one is. As for ignoring answers, that would seem to be your problem, not mine.

Toodle pip, old man!

31 December 2008 at 01:02  

You know the rules - a mong is only allowed one spurt per day. Bad mong.

31 December 2008 at 02:45  

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