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08 December 2008
Why aggression can never be justified: the contortions of John Sentamu
Dr John Sentamu, then Bishop of Birmingham, and now Archbishop of York, was one of the critics of the war against Iraq. Indeed, he took the sensible view that "The Iraqis needed liberating but the best liberation is always from within not from without," in a BBC interview a year after the aggression began.

Now he is arguing for exactly the same type of aggression to be used against Zimbabwe that he opposed when used on Iraq. In this case he has argued that an invasion of Zimbabwe would be justified because Tanzania ousted Uganda's Idi Amin in 1979 on the basis that Amin was "a tyrant". Ergo, an invasion of Zimbabwe would be justified on the very same gounds.

However this is just bollocks of the highest order, because the simple fact is that Uganda attacked Tanzania and annexed the province of Kagera. Tanzania went to war to liberate her territory from the invader - and then went on to administer a severe stuffing to the Ugandans on their own turf. As a result of that war the Amin regime fell, but that collapse came about because of a war that Amin had started, not because the Tanzanians suddenly objected to living next door to a very bad man.

It is strange that on the one hand Archbishop Sentamu opposed the war against Iraq, a war that was based on a tissue of lies, and now he seeks to use exactly the same dodgy techniques to encourage a similar aggression against Zimbabwe.

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I believe as a member/reader of this blog I should comment. John is actually a friend of my family. He baptised my youngest and confirmed my oldest. He is a lovely man with a huge heart and spirit. I personally don't think his position on Iraq and Zimbabwe are a self contradiction. For those not aware, before John became a minister, he was a human rights lawyer in Uganda- and Amin banged him up for 5 years. I personally find him a genuine gentle soul- but also one of the most intelligent people I have met. When my family was going through the two trials of the century, he was the only senior figure in the church to stand by us.

12 December 2008 at 10:40  

He may very well be the nicest man on earth but that doesn't alter the fact that he wants my country to go to war with Zimbabwe, a land that has not threatened us in the least.

12 December 2008 at 21:02  

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