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07 December 2008
Watching a middle class vanish
The middle class are defined, at least by me, as those people who don't have the balls to be workers nor the brass to be gaffers. That is the reason why they are screaming that the recession is something that we all need to worry about - the cowardly little maggots want people to take to the streets on their behalf. Hopefully there will be only two chances of that happening: a dog's chance and no fucking chance. Let's just hope that all of our people will have the common sense to realise that this is not our fight. If that does happen, then we might just get a re-run of the Mexican Crisis of 1994-95 and be able to sit back and watch as a whole class vanishes down the toilet.

I gave you a few tips on how to survive an economic meltdown a couple of months ago, that was based on my experiences during that period, but now let's look at what happened when the middle class were left with their arses hanging out the window, all alone and afraid.

When the peso tanked all those years ago the new middle class that had been created by the easy credit and overvalued peso started to howl just as their counterparts in Britain are doing right now. They set up a pressure group called el Barzon to speak for them, and the very name of that body tells you just how weak they were to begin with.

A barzon is the yoke that is used to fix two oxen together for ploughing or whatever. Those pathetic little cockroaches couldn't even see themselves as a force in their own right: only as the yolk that held together the two mighty powers that are labour and capital. Well, they were in for a very big shock when they found out that neither team gave a shit about them.

That was made clear to all and sundry one fine day in early 1995 when this gang of life's little losers decided to march down Reforma, the main drag that cuts central Mexico City into two and where most of the embassies are located.

Very rarely will the police go into action against political demonstrators. The assumption is that if some group can mobilise a few thousand people then that group will have some powerful friends somewhere in government. Best to leave them alone and try and reroute the traffic as best they can, is the way that the police mind works.

However, that day the riot police went into action with gusto, and there was a great wailing and smashing of teeth. I saw one woman smashed over the head with a club and watched as she staggered out of the march with blood streaming down her face. She could barely see where she was walking and held her hands out in front of her, and expensive clutch handbag in one paw.

That was when someone from the crowd that was watching all this darted forward, grabbed the little slag's bag, and then had it away on his toes, bag and all.

Nobody tried to stop him because nobody in that crowd gave a shit about the creatures who were getting battered by the cops. The cops for their part had been given the wink to beat seven colours of shit out of the marchers.

What did the Barzon crowd do afterwards? They did sweet fuck all. They knew that they were on their own and they didn't have either the balls or the numbers to take things to the next level. As I said, the middle class lack the balls to be workers and the brass to be bosses.

The workers watched all this with indifference and only got worked up when their supplies of subsidised tortillas, beans and rice failed to arrive at the distribution points. On the odd occasions that this happened, then arses did sting in the bureaucracy as nobody fucks with the Mexican working class in that way.

As for the bosses, they switched over to a dollar economy for the duration of the crisis, or weathered the storm at their homes in France, Spain or the USA. They didn't care any more than my wife's lot did. Not our conflict.

The middle class. The new Mexican middle class that was created out of a few years of cheap credit vanished as if it had never been.

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Yeah, sure - in your dreams, you dickhead working class snob! So Mexico is a workers' paradise, is it? That's why all the plebs flee across the border, because The Peoples Republic of Mexico is such heaven! What pathetic drivel you write!

And has it not entered your petty proletarian brain that if the middles classes survived the upsets of the 1990s, they will survive this trauma too? Or was that too much for your mean little self-taught (undoubtedly, you wouldn't want to be seen near a middle class teacher, would you?) brain? Not exactly hot on analysis, are you, my little provincial plonker.....

In fact, what you are is a fascist, as you slag off everyone who does not agree to denigrate those who match your admittedly narrow definition of the middle class - 'without balls or brass". So, I presume you have balls - so macho! - but no brass, eh? Or did you marry into money - so noble of you!

Your style is pure Dave Spart, Derek Hatton twaddle - "nobody fucks with the Mexican working class in that way" - hilarious!! Keep it up! Do you realise how open to ridicule you are leaving yourself? I hope not, as you are giving me so much entertainment!

There will always be a need for educated and rational people - doctors, teachers, etc, etc. Perhaps that point escaped you. Dickheads like you also supply a need for entertainment, although you take yourself FAR too seriously, my little provincial pisspot.

Well, at least I know what happened to all the losers who fled Thatcher back in the 1980s - clearly you had no balls either back then!

BTW, what do you and your lot do for a living over there in the World Advanced Economy #12 - opps, sorry, the Workers Republic for People wit' Balls?

7 December 2008 at 09:55  


Never said it was, did I? All I said was that the middle class vanished in the crisis. Everyone else carried on. Big difference to anyone who can read.

Yes, there will always be a need for education, and we all wish that you had received a bit since you would not have made these fundamental errors.

7 December 2008 at 15:45  

Barry, there are rational, determined, and intelligent people in the working class too. In fact, when British workers are matched with foreign managers, productivity, in practically every comapny I know of, increases.

What the exile was talking about was a situation where those who are aspirational, and who want the trappings of a good life, get it on credit by inflating preening organisations that can only, in the long run, destabilise the economy for everyone. How is that proof of any sort of superiority?

Also, what do you expect when towns built on industry are destroyed and a 'choice' to live in a less secure, less worthwhile way is forced on everyone? Do you think people would want to live on benefits if good jobs were available?

I didn't read exile as saying anything other than that people work to live, and that this had become less possible and less worthwhile in recent years. Instead, we've seen the education system and the workplace trashed by people who think others should live to work for organisations that can neither care nor demonstrate any sort of basic human respect, in the main.

Class is a reality of life, everywhere. The ways we learn to network, the schools and contacts and ways of making contacts that people learn young leave are with them for their life. In English speaking countries, though, it seems that those who have had the feeling of proving themselves have forgotted their advantages, and the handicaps of others, and convinced themselves in a fairly brutal way that they succeeded with nobody's assistance.

Why so touchy when someone points that out? And why the allegation of fascism?

As for Mexico, well, read the posts in the archive. I was an American historian, but it seems to me that exile knows and has revealed an awful lot more Mexican history than you and I will know.

If you are 'middle class', why the anger and the allegations? If you are rational, why not just make a reasonable argument based on what was written? The truth is, we've all been fighting like weasels in a hole for years whilst subsidies have been transferred from working class people to a peculiarly selfish and self-concerned class suited to the horrors of a turbo-capitalist world that couldn't be sustained. Look back at the posts here; exile likes a fight, but I don't think he's ever had a go at anyone who has any goodwill and any idea of how to get out of the mess the whole economy is in.

I just wanted to be fair. You've been on Neil's and this one, under an untraceable psuedonym, pouring contempt. You also seem to think that the depression the middle classes are entering is one that will be easily recovered from. Think about how that makes you look, and how this is going to change any mind one bit.

7 December 2008 at 20:53  

You are wasting your time, Martin. Fascism has its roots in the notion that loyalty to the nation overrides anything so trivial as social class. So anyone who can accuse a class fighter like me of fascism is clearly out of his tree.

The guy changed his monicker from the one used originally. God knows why, but he likes being nice as TEFL Tradesman or something and nasty as Barry. Anyway, he is not untraceable, he lives in Dubai, teaching English. Yeah, same deal that I do when I need money, and am not driving my wagon.

7 December 2008 at 21:30  

Ken, you are a university lecturer, and middle class. I know in your imagination you think you are a prole, but you abandoned your class a long time ago, along with your country. Many people have argued that militant leftism is rooted in middle class self-loathing but until now I don't think there's been such a concrete and convincing specimen such as yourself since the days of Freddy Engels. Congrats, comrade!

8 December 2008 at 01:18  

No I'm not. I used to be, but then again I used to be a doorman and before that a photographer and before that...

Right now I sell second hand clothes, videos - of course - and earn a bit from the blog.

Defining yourself as you do via bastard work has always struck me as a bit mongish. Do you remember when you were a regular here and we laughed at the financial house that you work for in Chicago? It wasn't picking up your wages from there that tickled everyone - it was the belief you had in the system.

Ready to be shagged by that same system?

8 December 2008 at 02:06  

Didn't this bloke work in some office, cold calling all day? Selling insurance or something?

I remember the exchange between you, Exile, one or two others and him. Seemed to vanish if memory serves me right.

8 December 2008 at 22:59  

Yes, now I come to think about it, that's exactly what the right mong did. And well remembered the fact that he fucked off rather quickly when people started taking the piss out of him.

We seem to have lost him again - and the other one as well - which is a pity. I do enjoy the company of the odd member of the mongish crew from time to time. Having two was a delight.

9 December 2008 at 02:01  

´Scum, to be humiliated and degraded at every turn´ ... You missed out éliminated´didn´t you? An oversight, no doubt.

10 December 2008 at 03:02  

High taxation and high inflation should do the job - make 'em pay for their own funerals as it were.

As I was going to ask you why you are bothering with proxies, but then I thought fuck it, who cares?

10 December 2008 at 04:29  

What´s all this about ´proxies´? Sounds like the paranoid rantings of a raving lunatic ... No surprise there, then!

10 December 2008 at 16:17  

Can I between cold-calls just point out that there will always be a middle class because there will always be a need for educated labour to perform the work of the professions.

On the other hand, the working class is as dead as a dodo. All their jobs disappeared decades ago so you have to wonder when they are going to get the hint and either drink & smoke themselves to death, or get on their bikes and price themselves back into the market (I predict a return of the domestic service industry, when you can buy a charwoman for a reasonable price).

11 December 2008 at 17:04  

What's the funniest part of an egg?
The yolk!
Beasts are joined together with a yoke.

12 December 2008 at 14:22  

Indeed they are Bern and a correction will be made.

Ta muchly.

12 December 2008 at 15:39  

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